Rob Leavitt

I’ve had two units for at least a year or more. No problems with either of them. One (#1) was connected to an older TV using mini to RCA cables. The other (#2) used an HDMI cable to connect to a newer TV. We upgraded the older TV to be able to access the internet. Connected Roku #1 using an HDMI cable (for the first time), and it just died. No light no nothing. Took Roku #2 and plugged it into the new TV, no problem. So… Roku #1 appears to have had a wiring issue that caused it to die when connected through the HDMI connector.

Too bad I hadn’t tried using the HDMI connector when it was new, and replaceable for free…


This morning my Netflix was froze and I had to unplug my Roku player, when it came back up my tv just flashed on and off like a camera flash, i unplugged it and tried my cable, my cable is working, i had to leave for work and left the Roku unplugged for the day, anyone have this problem? its only about 7 months old 🙁 I love my Roku and would hate for it to take a poop on me now!

Jane Sharpe Theodore AL

My Roku has worked fine, but yesterday I got an error message that reads” “Netflix Services experienced an internal error. Please try again later.” Is this truly a Netflix problem, or is it Roku? I have unplugged the device, but still get the same message.

momma6 IA

This is getting very irritating my Roku will play for a little bit then it will automatically restart..I have great signal cuz I am using my laptop in the same room..2 days ago I never had a problem streaming a movie on Amazon now the last 24 hours it keeps restarting every 5 minutes. I have unplugged it, checked my modem, plugged back in and still do this crap..


My roku 3 has a bunch of vertical, colorful lines across the screen when I turn the roku on. Is my roku broken? Can I fix it? If so how? I just got it and I don’t want a broken roku that cost kind of a lot of money. If you know anything about this please help me.


My Netflix are slow to load and once the show begins it drops out many times to reload it’s getting to the point where I’m going to drop Roku all together as I can get Netflix working fine on my PC. I have reset my Roku box numerous times I’ve unplugged it numerous times I’ve reset my modem numerous times what gives.


I just got a Roku2 XS and to setup no problem. To look at my netflix account was a challenge but done.
I turned the TV of and came back in 10 hrs and can get the light to flicker when I use the remote but that is it.
If I cant get this working in a few days Roku out and WD in.

Patrick ORourke Hot Springs Village AR

My Roku 2 also has been freezing up almost daily just within the last couple of months. It works fine on a reboot but this is very annoying plus I have to unplug/plug in the unit since there is no on off button. It does it while viewing Amazon & Netflix. I have the latest updates. I see where Roku 3 is also doing it. There is definitely something wrong with Roku. Is this being looked into?


Video plays for a few seconds then “loading” without end. Nothing I can do except back out and start again *gah!* I only need to see the final 10 minutes and if I skip ahead to it, I get stuck in the “loading” loop again.
Chrome, Roku 2, Youtube

Grace Amborski

I have had a ROKU3 for about 3 years. Two days ago the screen turned back. All the other items on TV worked – cable channels and DVD player. Finally decided ROKU had “died” and ordered a new one – along with 3 year warranty.

I have used the ROKU3 and pay a monthly fee for 4 channels = feel lost without them – at least there are the elections and my VCR recordings.


Kim Switzer rip rancho nm

Is anyone having a problem with CNNGO streaming problems where from time to time the stream freezes intermittently on a Roku 3 or 4 model? This does not seem to be an internet connection problem because I have a 100 meg connection with 3 mg upload capability at my home. Any thoughts on how to correct?

k collins lafayette la

i’m trying to figure out if my roku3 is the issue or if it’s the channel…

i only have the occasional issue of reloading with netflix, hulu, and acorn. it happens so infrequently i’m not complaining about it.

however, i have ustvnow to watch “cable” and it happens a lot depending upon time of day and the particular show. for example, if it’s a popular show on tnt and it’s “first run/primetime” than it reloads a lot, to the point of being difficult to watch and missing chunks. it also does this dejavu thing where it replays what you just saw but it never pauses and sometimes twice or three times, feeling like i’m in the matrix, lol. if not “primetime” not so much… comedy channel’s “the daily show” used to reload a lot, but not so much these days.

router says i have good/excellent signal. running it plugged in not wireless just because i can. didn’t seem to make a difference when i was running wireless. have unplugged and reset many times, as well as tossing the channel and reloading it.

any comments? happening to anybody else? fixes, suggestions?

post script: watching tnt’s major crimes tonight was a challange with all the reloading/dejavu, however tnt’s still on and it’s after midnight cst and it hasn’t reloaded a single time!! hmmmmmm

Yogeshwar Sharma Bronx Ny

Hello. I have roku 2 xs. Model#3100. I have been using it for about 1.5 years. I have been facing problem that many face: it freezes and restarts. It’s firmware has been updated. But the problem persists. Can anyone help me with it? I like it and have recommended it too to my friends. I just hope this bug doesn’t bug them too.


I am not able to get certain channels to actually play a show. I can go into the Roku app but once I select a show I want to watch I am kicked out of the app and back at the home screen. Channels I am having issues with are USA, Bravo now, & E! Now. They are all doing the exact same thing. I am logged in with a cable provider and I have tried on various Roku boxes in different rooms on different days and nothing is working, my regular apps like Netflix and Hulu, etc. are all working fine, it’s just these 3 I am having issues with and I don’t understand what’s going on, has this happened to anyone? can anyone help me? Thanks!

Michelle Millinocket ME

The last week or so, about 50% of the time when I pause my Roku, I cannot unpause it. It just sits there and looks at me. The HOME button stops working under these circumstances as well, and I have to unplug the ROKU box to get the remote to do anything. Help?

T Stone Provo UT

Roku 3 out of the box with Amazon recommended HDMI cord, plugged everything in, turned on tv, set to Input 4, plugged in roku, hear some kind of start up music for about a minute while tv screen flickered for a second, but remained black with the “input 4” removed . . . then silence, and “input 4” showing on display.

Tested HDMI cord with laptop, worked just fine. Tried back with Roku 3, and same thing. Nothing. Now waiting for LiveChat Help.