anonymous Fl

We purchased a Roku within the past few months and had it professionally installed. It performed somewhat with minor problems but the latest was an 009 Roku error code. Tried disconnecting per instructions and reconnecting for use with Netflex. Now Roku flashes across the screen but no movies. The purchase and the company are a big mistake.

Michael J Krysak Round Rock Texas

I now have a Roku 2 (4210 chip) that replaced my Roku 2 XS. The audio consistently hiccups. Just recently had ATT Gigapower installed, so I slowed down input to 3.5 mb/sec thinking that might fix the audio issue. NOT ! It’s not an HDMI problem, as some have suggested. I switch to a non-HDMI source before going to Roku. Issue persists. The Roku 2 (4210 chip) I now have replplaced my first Roku 2 (4210 chip) which was so bad, audio halted for 1-2 secs out of every 8-10 secs had to send back. The newer is better but barely acceptable. You have a software issue here, period. It should be addressed in your next software update. Way too many people are frustrated with this audio issue.

Jason gray

My ruko stick video plays just fine with Hulu and Netflix. But the sound comes out as if it were in slow-mo with Hulu. Netflix works just fine with the sounds. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this.


About a week ago my roku started freezing and restarting when playing from my nas through the plex app … I dont get whats going on!? technology makes me crazy lol

Mike DC

I had the same issue with Netflix channel not loading. I read the comments about pushing down the OK button hard and holding it and thought, NO WAY! So I tried it and no change. Tried it again, same thing. I tried one more time and really pushed and made sure to hold it down firmly, but not in a damaging way.

I have a hard time believing it worked, but Netflix finally loaded. Hope it stays working…

katherine Lake Jackson tx

The issue I am having with my Roku 2 is that it shows the ROKU logo then it turns black and says lost signal. Ive had my Roku for about 6 months now. I notice that the light on the box turns bright blue then turns light blue with a little flickering….so ODD! I love my ROKU. Is there a solution to this or am I just needing to invest in another ROKU?


Oddly enough, it did work when I simply pinched the OK button and the bottom of the remote firmly while pointing it at the Roku. It remained on “Retrieving”” and then just popped forward into the main screen! Every start-up after that was fine.”

Jimmy Jones Fort Mill SC

My roku was working great and I moved it from one tv to another in a different room. It would not come on. I moved it back to the original tv and it still won’t come on. It don’t seem to be getting powder. The light on the box will not come on.

van minneapolis mn

I don’t get a chance to watch tv alot, but when I do I try to watch Netflex, and seems that everytime I try to go on I always get the message” not connected to internet services”..Everything else works but Roku Netflex!!! VERY DISSAPOINTED!

s roku

Thank you for starting this website. Roku does not care for ANY negative comments regarding its products. Its support is next to useless. I had to resort to posting a Youtube video to get them to understand the problem I’m experiencing. ( Even after watching the video the support person still asked me for the model number for my TV, totally ridiculous.

Lou Budd Lake NJ

A few months back I bought a 65″ Sharp that came with a Roku stick. I just got around to using it. When I plugged it in to the tv it seemed to start out fine. I went through the registration process and followed all of the instructions. Once the process was complete I was going to take advantage of 5 Free Movies from VUDU offer. All that happens now is a constant cycle of…No Signal…Retrieving Data…the a large animated ROKU dancing on the screen…No Signal…Retrieving Data…etc. Is the stick defective? I’d appreciate any input. Thanks.