Shannon Atlanta GA

I have the Roku2. It’s a great idea but I have the most issues with streaming while watching VUDU. No issues at all with Netflix. When contacing VUDU, I was told that’s its a powercycling issue. Let them tell it, its a KNOWN memory leak issue on the 2 model. It has since been repaired on the Roku3. Funny how I never came across that tidbit of info when doing a side by side review on the Roku website, before I made my purchase. So how accurate is this information?

James San Diego CA

Got Netflix to play again via my Roku 3 by doing a “factory reset” of the Roku device. Here’s how: From the Roku home screen I went into “Settings.” In “Settings” I scrolled down to “Factory Reset.” I clicked on “Factory Reset” and accepted all the messages about how my Roku would be set back to factory settings, etc. and then crossed my fingers and waited. You have to re-sync your remote by following the on-screen directions (basically, removing the battery cover and pushing the small button for three seconds as shown on the tv). You have to access the internet via your computer/smartphone to get a key code that you then enter using your now re-synced remote. You’ll be prompted to enter the email address and password associated with your Roku account. You’ll be able to see on-screen the names of each of the channels being loaded onto your Roku. Once that is done, select Netflix and you’ll be prompted to sign-in as if for the first time. I did that and, thankfully, it worked. All of our saved movies were still there even after having removing and adding the Netflix channel a couple of times.

Like many of you the problem I was having before this fix was not being able to get past the red Netflix screen. All the other channels appeared to be working fine. Netflix was working on my smartphone and laptop. It was just the television through the Roku where I was having problems. I hope this works for you! It did for me.


Correction to my previous post – I have two boxes, one works, the other doesn’t. Both have the same firmware version 4.3 and build 1057 number, but the unit that works is left 24/7 time and is showing a more recently updated time stamp – 3/16 @ 5:15pm -vs- 3/17 @ 3:56am. My guess is that some programmer at ROKU realized that there was another bug and then fixed the bug and released an new build without changing the build number. So units which are typically left powered on 24/7 received the fixed code, but other boxes which were not on, did not receive the fix. Unfortunately, using the system to check for updated firmware fails because the version number and build numbers are identical. …Someone let ROKU know they need to increment the build number.


my roku gets real hot, I placed it in the refrigerator and now it appears on the screen with all the animations but it won’t respond to the controller (remote). I’ve tried reset, all that. What else to do?

Angie Plainfield In

I have the Roku 2 for almost a year now. I love it but lately it freezes up all the time. If I click over to browse through the channels it freezes and the light on the Roku flashes. It won’t move again until the light quits flashing. I then try to move over one space to another channel and it happens again. The flashing continues for about 2 minutes at a time. It is starting to get real annoying. Then it has been resetting itself frequently lately. It doesn’t happen as much as the other issue but the two combined is really agitating! Is anyone else having this issue?

Bobby Brooks Bradfor TN

I have had my roku for a year or 2 now. It continually stops to load a streaming movie or tv series from netflix. It takes at least 30 minutes to an hour longer to watch a program than needed because of this. It is so annoying, that we often just give up. The puzzling thing is that we can watch Crackle, or any other of the various channels on the roku player without any issues! I have searched often to try and find a solution to this problem on the web, but no luck so far. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Forrest Pocatello

Ive had my Roku for a about 3 years. It has been an absolute delight, until about 6 months ago, the wireless connection failed. Ok, thats alright, my router is only 5 feet away, so in goes an ethernet cable. Worked fine until about a month ago, and the roku starts resetting every few days. But it could still connect to the internet. Well, an hour ago in the middle of an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, bam it resets, and the internet is GONE. Did the factory reset, retried the wireless, changed cables, prayed to god of Electronics, and nothing. Cannot Connect to the INTERNET. Its probably the network card that has failed. I do have to say that I have gotten my moneys worth out of this little device but this feels like they just either put crappy hardware in, or have deliberately engineered a device that needs to be replaced every 2 years or so. Now I am leary of buying a $1000 tv with built in internet tv for sure as this would be very INCONVENIENT to have a 47 inch paper weight, instead of the tiny roku box i have now.