Roku FREEZES and RESTARTS every time it checks for new updates. Is there a fix for this? It is NOT the channels, on my end, but the rokus checking for updates. Kept track and that is the ONLY time mine freezes up and restarts.


We have been loyal Roku users for several years, but are about to give up completely. Our Roku has gotten slower and slower with multiple buffering just to watch a half hour show streaming from netflix. Very frustrating. Please fix this issue soon or we will toss the Roku boxes on the recycle pile.

Todd Edmonds WA

Netflix is down on all Roku boxes in the house. Works on every other device, and everything else on Roku works. But please un-screw the Netflix. Just went through the whole “factory reset”” dance in the hopes that it would help. You guessed it… it did not.”

Jeffrey McCrae Oxnard CA

I just installed my new Roku4 to a new Vizo M series flat screen and Roku is cutting out for 1 second every few minutes. When I watch the same programs with Apple TV all is fine. I have all new cables, equipment and lots of bandwidth. It really appears to be a Roku problem. Anyone else with the same thing? When will Roku address this problem? It seams to have been going on with Roku3 for quite awhile. If any one has a fix please share, that would be great.


My Roku automatically factory resets every time it is unplugged. When I get to the home menu it wont let me download anything. When I download a channel it just says success, then won’t appear on my home screen.

Steve T San Diego CA

I had problems with Netflix – saying that ROKU couldn’t connect. All other channels worked fine. I followed the advice from someone else here and went to channels, clicked on options and removed Netflix. I then went to the Channel Store and picked Netflix and re-added it. Everything worked fine. Thank guys!!!


Had roku for a two yrs and 2 weeks ago stop working, we get a screen that show channels but we are unable to select netflix or any, what is the problem?



Roku worked fine with our last tv but we recently got a new RCA HD TV. After using the Roku, we put tv back to HDMI2 and picture jumps so much that you can’t watch it. Why does this happen and how can I get the normal picture back?

harold jones newberry fl

I just purchased a Roku 2. I installed it per instructions and finally got it to working. I My problem is that I have no audio. When I go to watch a tv show or a movie, I get the picture but no sound. Any suggestions? My speakers operate through a home theater setup. Could that be a problem?

Terry Ranciglio

i connected my Roku with hdmi to a Pioneer receiver with the HDMI in/out option…now no sound only picture.

1- I changed the audio to both choices no help
2-I ran a rc cable out of the ROKU to the Receiver I have sound..

my DSVR/Blue ray work fine

How can I get The ROKU sound on to function?

Bob M

I’ve had my Roku2 for a couple of years. For the past few months, the Youtube App is unusable. 30-40 seconds from remote press to response, freezing, crashing. It would be better off not existing and then the temptation to use it would not be there