Since yesterday if not a few days before, my Roku cuts out completely from my TV, leaving me with a black (not blue) screen. Today and yesterday it won’t even load up without alot of coaxing. I got my roku about a year ago, the cheap LT, and had no problems with such consistency til this past week. I use it on a 2 year old Panasonic flat screen tv. WTH?


my Roku is connected but no matter what I play it will start the program then within a couple of seconds it will stop and tell me loading, please wait. I watched an hour program and that came on like 35 to 40 times. How frustrating is that anyway. Anybody know what to do? I’ve disconnected everything like I was told but that did not work, I disconnected everything else that I have that the wireless is connected to and still did not work. Ready to throw the thing in the garbage.

Dannelle pa

been having a problem with my roku hd for a few weeks it took forever to load anything from netflix then had to buffer like every 5 min. very aggravating. But it works now! A strange fix but so far it works! i went to load hulu and it said my player needed an software update i loaded it and since then netflix is working fine.


Both of my ROKU players, which worked good via WiFi for a year, lost their ability to pickup wireless signal this month all the sudden. When connected to Ethernet, they’d work just fine, but something has changed in their firmware recently that lead to very low WiFi sensitivity. Nothing else has changed in my network and other WiFi devices (like Apple TV, etc.) are able to pickup the signal just fine. I was thinking about buying a new generation of ROKU, but very disappointed with it now – hence, no more ROKU products for me!

Frances Luquillo PR

I just bougth ROKU 2 or XS on December 2011 and i can say there was not trouble what so ever setting the box with my Netgear router and my internet provider (satellite), easy cake, is just that i am confronting droppings with some of the channels, like EWTN and JUSTIN.TV, i can connect but then the signal drops frecuently, i may get an ethernet streaming cable and see if that helps. What you think?

Andy Olive Branch MS

I bought a roku stick with remote about 3 weeks ago…The remote has stopped working (replaced batteries, didn’t work). I downloaded app on Iphone which is not great, but ok…but rest of family doesn’t have an IPhone and I’m not home all the time. Unfortunately, I can’t find box or receipt. BUT ITS BRAND NEW! Can’t find way to contact company…Just blogs. Any suggestions?

Michele Paegel St. Peter Mn

I was watching a movie on Netflix that needed subtitles so I turned them on. Started the movie and the sound was all messed up. This happened once before a few months ago but seemed to work itself out. The sound is super slow and drags. I turned off the subtitles, nothing changed. I switched the audio and that didn’t fix it. I went into a few other channels including Pandora and the sound is bad on each. I did a factory reset but no change. Anyone else have this problem?