We have had ours only in January of this year and now it doesn’t respind to our tv after I unplugged it because it was over heating, and freezing. I haven’t been able to contact the help team.

Carl Johnston Millville PA

I purchased a ROKU 3 & tried to install it last week. The installation stalled when trying to input the code. After several attempts on my part I called the ROKU help group . After some problems communicating with their India team they told me there was a “bug” & I needed help. They turned me over to a group called Framatics Solutions (855-999-8079). After about 2 hours & a “protection package” costing $199.99 (the five year plan) they “fixed” my problem.

Finally the code was entered & worked & the computer was shut down. Within an hour I re-started the computer & found a message superimposed on the page that indicating “An error has occurred in the script on this page” & I couldn’t do anything beyond that screen. Not being a computer “fixer” I believe this was a result of Framatics Solutions’ ineptness since that had never happened before or since. How did I resolve this issue? I turned to GuruAid, the group that I use to clean & update the desktop; it took over 2 hours to get it working.

I’m very displease with complication that happened after Framatics worked on the desktop. I believe ROKU should reimburse me for the ineptness of the “authorized” problem solvers.


After a few years of absolutely NO problems, I all of a sudden can’t stream Netflis on my Roku. It took me forever to get in (I did sign out and back in – that was a chore). It is just sitting there staring at me now. Really sucks, Netflix! I’ll go over next and unplug the Roku box from the wall for a bit to see if that takes care of it. My WiFi in the house seems to be fine on my iPad and laptop so that doesn’t seem to be the problem. If that doesn’t take care of it I guess a call to CS is in store.