Mike Olympia WA

Roku would not stream Pandora, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video tonight (all three were accesible with my PC). However, Crackle movies and Shoutcast radio were streaming fine tonight via the same Roku units. 12/24/12


running a roku 3 from Europe seemed easy for the first 6 months, (only annoying that my primitive internet provider gave me a router that needs changing to American ip in the router a little too often but not rokus fault) suddenly got unstabile so I decided to reset to factory settings, and now I cant find any of my important channels to install again, Netflix, hulu and blockbuster. going to add the channels from the web I get the info that I cant add channels at the moment from my region. did they up their region security or something? anybody know what the problem is and if there are a solution?

Eric Darlington PA

I am having all of the same problems and now it is completely rebooting on it’s own and disconnecting. Seems to me that it is a cooling issue that would have been solved by putting a cooling port or ports in them. I remember wondering why there wasn’t one but I was initially impressed by the little box until we bought two. Our HD is the real piece of crap. The XD works slightly better but still has playback and freeze-up issues just less.

PS: I have already contacted customer service and they never own the problem. It is always the IP or some other problem. It is never the Roku.

gerard downey glenside PA

I was viewing something on my roku and suddenly it stopped and I have ROKU jumping up and down on my screen. Every minute or two I get a “no signal” message. I would just like to get those damn letters from jumping up and down. I have used this box for years and never had a problem now it is just “jumping ROKU.”
Any ideas, from anybody. i am relying on the kindness of strangers.


My roku has had several problems before that seem to work themselves out now its saying ‘your roku is unable to complete the requested action. Please try again later. If problem persists, please unplug your player, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in.’ We’ve done everything it said to do and it keeps doing this so far its been going on for more then a day and im worried itll keep doing this.


I’ve been using a TV cast app to send video to my roku stick and it’s worked great for months until 3 days ago. My app connects but never opens the app itself nor run any video. It just returns to home screen. I’ve updated and reset everything but nothing works. I don’t know if my stick is bad or if it’s a roku glitch or the app itself. I’ve tried other apps but didn’t work either. I wondered if roku is blocking video. YouTube will cast and run directly from roku but is a bit glitchy. On the app it states roku has a broken video, consult roku. I’ve done this but no response. Anyone with suggestions?

Shajtos Manci Santa Fe NM

I think Comcast is crapola. During the day (when 1/2 the people are gone to work, school etc) I am able to watch any HD movies from Netflix no problem. However, comes the evenings, and I can’t watch anything in HD. Best case scenario is the movie starts in HD then 15 minutes later switches down to ** or *** quality. I am suspecting Comcast.


Roku 2XS started having the Welcome Screen ‘Bouncing Roku’ Hang after Auto and Manual update from 1178 to 1195.

The only resolution is to pull power for one minute then let Roku restart. It then reverts to Update 1178 until the next Auto Update at which time it again hang on welcome screen **INDEFINITELY** until power is pulled then restored after one minute.

I recommend Roku 2XS users not to update manually until Roku fixes the ‘glitch’. Unfortunately the Roku will again Auto Update evey 24 hours.

The more of us that call and politely explain the issue, the quicker it will be resolved.


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Jeff R. Boca Raton

I got one of the new XS boxes through their Black Friday promotion. It will NOT connect wirelessly to my Actiontec modem and tech support was zero help. Told me I needed a firmwear update which Actiotec tells me is not necessary. I think I believe Actiontec over Roku.
Funny thing is that my older Roku works just fine with the Actiontec modem.
Any suggestions out there?