Thank you , to the to men before this post Jared, and Mike you were right with what to do. Resetting worked , I have a smart tv and a Roku. This happened to both after a storm and the power went off more than three times coming back on each time.

Seems like maybe a spike caused this???? Anyways hopes this helps others !!!!! Tom in Cleveland

k collins

hi all. we have roku 3 and it worked great, than out of the blue it started saying no signal. hmmmm, I checked all connections, did resets, made sure router was workin(both wireless & plugged). finally started googling problems and came across a post that said that roku boxes and vizio TVs hate each other. the no signal was the tv telling me no signal from roku box, NOT roku box saying no internet. i ran the roku thru my magnavox DVD recorder/ player and that into the vizio. it runs fine now. don’t know if there was an update that triggered the problem or why it worked the first several months, but working great now and we’re happy campers.

Elly Freeman PALM BAY United States

I have similar problems but with other programs. I never watch GBTV. Installed
roku and I got the message that my settings were wrong. I reset (paper clip) and it worked fine. Now even that doesn’t work.
Support via video doesn’t really help. Now I can’t even get Netflix!


I experience intermittent internet connection problems. I use the Roku 3 once or twice a week. Sometimes when I switch the TV input to the Roku and attempt to watch a channel nothing plays. I navigate to Settings->Network and check the Wired connection, but the internet is not connected. (I use a hard wired Ethernet connection, not WiFi.) My Panasonic Viera TV is also wired internet connected too, has Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc and when the Roku cannot stream video from any channels, neither can the TV. However my wireless devices like Android phone and tablet and Windows laptop all have a working WiFi internet connection. The workaround is to unplugged the modem and router, then plug in the modem after 60 seconds, when the all of the lights on the modem are lit then plug in the router. Sometimes I have to call Comcast and have them send a reset signal to the modem. Then the Roku and the TV both are able to stream from their respective internet channels for a few days. Is there a permanent fix for this problem? It is a hassle to reboot the modem and router nearly every time I want to watch the Roku. Futhermore rebooting interrupts the other users of the internet via WiFi who are otherwise unaffected. Modem – ARRIS / Motorola SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, Router – Dlink DIR-885L.