All ruku channels extremely slow to boot to menu and connect if at all for the past theeeays.

Even netflix and youtube having problems. All nowwhereman channels.

Did a total unplug of all router dsl connector wifi router and ruku itself for t minites then rebooted all.

Seemed to help a little but still slow.

I am on att dsl which has never given me a problem before for the past 2 years.

Is this connected to the amazon server shutdowns?

On a side note does anyone know why rt news which ised to be so good a year ago has gotten so that you cant even get a stream through either the official app or the better nowhereman app.


I have had my Roku xs for 3 months now and since day 1 the color has been way off. A face, for example, appears with so much red that the face appears severely sunburned. Roku suppor is worthless, I agree on this point with others. I have tried Roku on 4 TV’s with the same results. I am going to try to exchange this unit for another and if the problem still exists, return for a refund.

Tim 2011-03-1 011-03-10

I posted this earlier today on the roku forums site, the responses from the roku fanboys are hilarious> as I mentioned in a later post I think their box has a video chip problem and they seem very reluctant to admit that – oh and no one from customer service in california has contacted me yet 8 hours after the last post: forums Post:”10 minutes ago from a woman on their support team in India: “There is a known problem and engineering is working on it, and please be patient for a few more days…” My problem is well represented in many posts on here of roku failing, rebooting/resetting to main screen, hdmi drop visual and audio drop outs. Inability to actually reset the machine < incase you exceeded the forty channel limit > to a clean slate>. SInce ROKUs transition to support in India I have been left after 2 calls to them, hanging up in disgust. Their information is scripted awfulness, and as a techie myself I am disappointed by their new support group, didnt HP learn that you cant offshore and get good results?? After thorough prbolem testing and one more hapless call today I got the above message to wait just a day or two more, no RMA < roku box unable to reset to factory defaults, red light blinking, constant resetting, on lovely COMPOSITE on my HDMI TV > all this pattern has been going on for 4 weeks now, few more days to fix.. doubt that ! If roku management is reading these posts you better have a plan and roll out a fix and a process to RMA these boxes, oh and lastly move support back stateside. tsomca Posts: 4 Joined: Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:17 am

william cason round rock tx

i have 2 roku boxes. my roku2 box rarely has any problems. my roku3 box, however, needs to be rebooted frequently. i can usually tell when its going to be a problem because scrolling is slower and more sluggish. i also get a purple screen with some weird message when i select something to watch. i get sound but just the purple screen of death for a picture. there have also been times when i reboot that i wind up having to (re)pair the device and (re)setup everything.


Judy Lesar

Roku system will not load/play any contents from Drama Fever. This second day. Other sites will play, such as Time Warner Cable. I can play Drama Fever programs on my phone with no issues.


We are having the same issues. Netflix works fine on iPad, Surface, Apple and Android phones. But the Netflix channel on the roku was the red screen of death for a few days until I tried pressing the “OK” button multiple times. It got us to the home page but now it is stuck on the retrieving page. I hope someone is working on fixing this problem!!

Beau Vista CA

Roku HD 2500X no longer able to receive the Sky News feed (live or on demand content). Sometimes it will load and retrieve but then lose signal- black screen followed by a ROKU reboot. Problem started with Build 3323 version 6.2 software on April 7 2015. Very annoying to lose this news channel that previously worked flawlessly for over 1 year.

I have 4 HD 2500X boxes on different TVs, all have the same issue. All other feeds work well except for occasional video freeze up or a reboot.

speedtest results: 40.8ms latency 7907740 bytes, 3648ms, 2.19221 Mbytes/sec, 17.53768 Mbits/sec

Would like to hear if other HD 2500X users have similar Sky News problems

Phoebee Fort Lauderdale FL


Has anyone out there heard of or accessed Secret Screen 2?? They don’t even mention it on their website and most of their techs don’t even tell you about it.

To get to Secret Screen #2, press Home 5 times, the FF, Play, RW, Play, FF and then you’re in! On the lower right hand of the screen, press DISABLE PINGS and voila, everything starts working again!!

So everyone, its not your router that’s the problem … it’s their device and their brilliant programmers who screwed it up with their software updates.

Happy streaming … Netflix and everything else now works perfectly again, that is, until their next software update screws it up again!!