i have had roku boxes for a long time and use them to streem netflix. For the last few months when pressing ok on the remote it takes forever to get a response. Do not have an issue with the single strength and have tried numerious router channels.. I beleive this started when Netflix made a deal with the Internet Providers…Note this also happens when using the Roku App on my Kindle. This sitation comes and goes with no pattern….

Larry Fowler Gainesville FL

Most likely due to restricted bandwith for Netflix especially when watching in HD.
Have noted same problem so far sound comes back if request stereo versus 5.1 sound.
You can evidently Have high definition or high quality sound but not both with Netflix. Part of problem probably related to providers squeeze on bandwith with Netflix.

Springleaf IL

My Angry Birds Edition Roku 2 (3100AB) stopped working after midnight CDT on 5/31/15. It cycles between a black screen and the bouncing word: ROKU. It seems to be locked up. I tried unplugging my internet connection, severing my connection to Comcast, unplugging the Roku (and all plugs)…nothing works. Any ideas? Thanks

Pat Goodson Huntsville AL

My Roku Box fails to pick up the remote signal and does not work after just 45 days of use. Contacted the Roku distributor and they I said returns are accepted for only 15 days of delivery. This product was not advertised, nor priced as a short term (45 days) usesage item. It is not fair that people can just take your money and not delivery a product that’s worth anything. I will be complaining to American Express because I paid for the item with my card. The good news is that we are recent cord cutters and all of our family and friends are using us as a test case for alternative viewing….we can now safely steer them away from the Roku product. In fact, since this item was purchased through Amazon, I have decided to terminate my subscription and not purchase through the mail anymore. At least Costco will give you. Refund.

my TV would go blank (picture and sound) for a few seconds two or three times a minute. Roku tech support is robotic. No matter what you say three times. I finally just decided to ask for a new one. They require you to pay the shipping and will not send new (or “”refurbished”” according to the warranty) unit until they receive the defective one in California. Poor all around customer service. I am now waiting. Will update when I have news. “

Bought a Roku2 HD player for my wife for Christmas. Unlike others, set up and link to Netflix was quick and easy. Unit worked flawlessly when watching streamed content via HDMI. But when I switched back to regular (cable) TV, there was a rhythmic crackling noise and “lightning”” on the screen every 15 to 20 seconds. Drove me crazy until I tried unplugging the Roku…interference gone. Over the next few days the interference got worse

Kevin B TX

I just got the “unauthorized content” message this evening. I did the device reboot and changed the HDMI ports between the TV and ROKU device to no avail.
As a last option, I tried to perform a factory reset. Now the device won’t pass the select language screen.


Everything works just fine on my Roku up until I’m trying to watch something. The screen is black. The slider on the bottom appears and I can move from one part to the next even showing a screen preview on the slider but nothingness on the rest of the screen. ?????????????

Tim , C CA

I posted this earlier today on the roku forums site, the responses from the roku fanboys are hilarious> as I mentioned in a later post I think their box has a video chip problem and they seem very reluctant to admit that – oh and no one from customer service in california has contacted me yet 8 hours after the last post: forums Post:”10 minutes ago from a woman on their support team in India: “There is a known problem and engineering is working on it, and please be patient for a few more days…” My problem is well represented in many posts on here of roku failing, rebooting/resetting to main screen, hdmi drop visual and audio drop outs. Inability to actually reset the machine < incase you exceeded the forty channel limit > to a clean slate>. SInce ROKUs transition to support in India I have been left after 2 calls to them, hanging up in disgust. Their information is scripted awfulness, and as a techie myself I am disappointed by their new support group, didnt HP learn that you cant offshore and get good results?? After thorough prbolem testing and one more hapless call today I got the above message to wait just a day or two more, no RMA < roku box unable to reset to factory defaults, red light blinking, constant resetting, on lovely COMPOSITE on my HDMI TV > all this pattern has been going on for 4 weeks now, few more days to fix.. doubt that ! If roku management is reading these posts you better have a plan and roll out a fix and a process to RMA these boxes, oh and lastly move support back stateside. tsomca Posts: 4 Joined: Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:17 am