Roku said Netflix just updated their channel just the other night and that they(Netflix) has applied a patch to fix the broken subtitles.
This should fix the closed caption issues with Netflix on the Roku 2, they said. Since I tried my roku yesterday, it seems to be working flawlessly again just like when I first took it out of the box.

Also, before you call Netflix or Roku to complain a bout a problem, it helps to check first if Netflix is experiencing any issues.
Try to check http://downrightnow.com/netflix and you’ll see other users posting/reporting issues. So if they say Netflix is “DOWN” or seems to have problems, call Netflix first. Other than that, give Roku a ring.
Happy streaming to all this coming holidays!

Rokude Ar

My roku mini stick. Keeps restarting repeatedly This used to only be a problem on Hulu Plus, but now it’s happening frequently on Netflix.if you can believe it Specifically Saturday night live. Other Netflix shows seemed to work “tonight”. Tommorow I’m sure it will be Somthing different. Pretty disappointed in how unstable the Roku seems to be, first few nights it was great fun now that reality has set in I’m pretty disappointed. I have almost no issues with Netflix on the iPhone. Is this A known issue, should I not get power from the USB on the tv? Would love to find a fix, would be a great product if it worked like it was supposed to.

Brian Toledo oh

Glad to see I am not the only one having ROKU problems. What a P.O.S. Tells me it is a Netflix internal problem. Then a router problem. Then internet problem. Their service techs are so stupid they had me disconnect router while online with them. Is not a router or internet problem because Netflix works fine on my Kindle fire further away from router than ROKU HD is. IS a hammer in order? Anyone have a better way of streaming then ROKU?

Benny Peoris IL

I ga\have connection problems for the second night now. This has happened before and normally unplugging the unbit for a minute or so and then it works. Not this time.

When is this issue goimg to be resolved?