Momentarily, I experienced how Roku should ideally work, when Channel Store instantly came on, Netflix came on, and my chosen film loaded and kept playing. Wow. Really? This is what should happen? Instead, almost always, I end up doing the unplug, replug, and Netflix home screen comes on, we will move forward a little, only to have the blue screen come on, forever. I am now connected by cable, not wi-fi. (Old lathe and plaster walls have a lot of metal, so I thought that might be the problem, for a wi-fi signal one floor and many feet from the server.) Is this a bum Roku box? Or is Comcast not able to deliver good service to my near top of the highest hill in Seattle, in West Seattle. ??????


Same problem as uncle0999. We’re in the process of removing iHeart from our Roku listing and reinstalling it. No success. What’s up Roku/iHeart? iHeart is fine on our computer.

C L Miller Oceanside CA

We have a Roku 3, hardwired to the Internet (AT&T). All channels work perfectly except for the PBS channel. The Roku PBS programs constantly stop for “loading”–and I mean about every 2 or 3 minutes. This has been happening since I subscribed to the channel when it became available. It is a widespread problem as I have seen literally dozens of complaints on various websites about this same issue. It’s likely some kind of a “handshaking” issue, but whether or not it’s Roku’s problem, since we’re trying to watch on Roku, it should be addressed by Roku. Needless to say, we have completely given up on the PBS channel and are disgusted with the way Roku is totally avoiding the issue.


Just bought a roku2xs player. did stgep by step with the enclosed instructions. Can pick a movie and it loads and take about 20 minutes to loads, plays about 2 minutes and goes back to reloading. Please tell me what is going on with my player. thanks mary

Reno NV

Ever since the September software was down loaded I have had no problems, since the new software nothing but problems, me thinks ROKU should not fix anything that is not broken….