Nick Yukon OK

I lost sound on my Roku and when I turn it back to regular T.V. it sounds like the sound has been slowed down, however if I turn my T.V. off and back on regular channels are fine until I turn back to my Roku. Then it’s the same problem over again.

Mikchael Leonard

My Roku XS was working for six months and then developed this problem.
Netflix would load (e.g. display my instant que) but would not stream.
Like Jared Walker I:
1) Removed Netflix from channel store,
2) Unplugged the Roku for 1 minute,
3) Connected to Netflix in channel store.

Every thing worked.


My ROKU 3 has been unable to load YouTube, all my other channels load and play.
Youtube just sits there with the saying it is loading
5 minutes, 10 minutes, go to store come back, still loading

restart cable box
restart Roku
restart router
Restart PC

same youtube loading message

are Youtube and Roku in some contract spat?
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


Not Happy

Roku 3 – Mp4 movies played though connected usb hard drive (that have always worked) have now stopped working or play with severe choppiness after this latest update. The same movies play fine with pc and dvd player with usb port.
Moving hard drive to backup tv and roku didn’t help.

Peter Charlotte NC

Roku seems to be set up properly but when you go to the dashboard and try to access Hulu or Netflix, it says, “network services problem. An internal error has occured. Everything is hooked to the tv properly. This started after we switch from Dish to Cable. Could there be a problem there?


I have a Roku HD, and all my channels work fine except Hulu, which constantly hangs during shows, lags terribly when trying to pause or play after pausing, sometimes it won’t respond at all. I constantly have to use the reset button on the bottom of the Roku, so I can start all over. I thought maybe this was hulus fault, but after seeing other posts here about Netflix, I wonder, is it actually the Roku player?

David Estes Westminster CO

We use ROKU to watch GAIAMTV. The volume drops drastically from the slightest jump in sound such as laughter, hands clapping, a ring on the hand accidentally hitting a desk. It’s like there’s a governor on the volume or an audio compressor set improperly. This only happens with GaiamTV and their own in house produced programming like the interview shows or lectures. I don’t know if the problem is on their end or a ROKU issue or both, such as an improper audio feed or something like that. It doesn’t happen when I listen with earphones plugged into the ROKU remote which makes it all the more confusing to isolate the cause. I’ve make all kind of setting adjustments to no avail. Any ideas????

John Steve Caledonia MI

Bought a Roku 2 XS specifically to watch GBTV. My internet connection is hardwired CAT5 to the router. We get lots of frozen images, just like signal dropouts from my antenna. Could be our cable modem throughput cutting out I’m very disappointed.

Even worse, the picture and sound are seriously out of sync. Reminds me of the delay in digital vs analog reception.

I would like to upgrade my GBTV subscription, but not until this is resolved.

Steve Thornton CO

Just after the beginning of 2014, my Roku kept dropping its wireless connection. I went into a chat session to try and resolve this. They had no explanation as to why the security connection on my DSL modem suddenly would not connect to the Roku box. They told me in chat that nobody else is having the problems that I am having yet I see these problems posted here. The blamed it on my Actiontec model even though this was never a problem before. I suspect that an update came in that has messed things up. Netflix kept buffering over and over again and then the connection would drop. I tried to uninstall Netflix from the Roku but even trying to do this crashed the box and I had to reboot to get it off so I could reinstall Netflix again. It could be possible that updates might break channels or maybe something else is and you might have to take them off and put them back on. So far my Netflix is working now after reinstalling it.

wendy B valdosta ga

For all those with Dramafever issues, I, too, have been unable to watch dramafever on Roku…for several days now, it constantly says connect to network, (even though i am connected and other apps work fine)—so I contacted Dramafever…They emailed back saying that they are working on the app and hope to have all the issues sorted out soon.


My system starts and shows menu, but I can’t see titles. It show ? marks. I can at least see titles in netflix and watch, but not the picture with title like always. Nothing with Hulus, not amazon prime.