Houjak TX

We have a Roku 2 XS that was purchased in December 2011. It has worked beautifully until 2 days ago. The Roku “Home Page” screen on our TV used to be a single ribbon of channels to scroll (L or R) and select.

On 6/26, it became a split screen with control choices on the left and a solid block of TV channels on the right. Navigating into the “channel block” is impossible. Trying to scroll up or down through the control choices is hit or miss. Trying to execute one of the choices is useless.

Router is the same as from the beginning, secured network is the same, password is unchanged, ISP is the same – no changes have been made on this front. Is this a controller issue, a software issue, or a router issue? What’s going on here?


I have a Roku2xs that I bought about 4 months ago. It was working fine till one day when it started having a problem with streaming Netflix. I made the mistake of doing a factory reset. Now it won’t get out of settings. I can scroll through the settings and change any settings but it won’t go to the main channel page. When I called support, first I was informed that since it was past the 90 day warranty I would have to pay for phone support or I could use the internet chat support for free. So I got on the internet chat and was informed that my problem was something they were aware of and working on but there is not a fix at this time. I used to be a fan of the Roku. I told many friends and family about it but now I am extremely disappointed in it and their lack of support. What gives? Should I throw it out? Or will they fix the problem?

Mike Nikolich

My Roku device worked great until a week ago. Now, I can’t watch an episode of “The West Wing” without constant interruptions as the video stream buffers. We cannot watch Netflix content for more than 5 minutes without an interruption. It is annoying as heck. I looked to see if Netflix was reporting any streaming issues and didn’t find much information about the Roku/Netflix streaming issue until I found this website. I have tried all of the solutions listed on this site but nothing helped. Fortunately, Netflix streams without a hitch on my iPad2, so I plan to buy an AV adaptor to use that device instead of my Roku with my HD TV. I am not sure what the problem is but I suspect it is some type of glitch or bug that popped up in Roku’s latest software upgrade. I have used this device since 2010 and own two Rokus. Unless this problem is resolved, I have no plans to purchase another product from this company and plan to contact some of the country’s leading tech reporters to see what they know about this issue. Thanks for giving us a forum to vent.


This is my first Roku and the installation went smoothly until I found that it was dropping the wifi connection when all my other connections were working fine. I’ll be watching something in Netflix or TWC on demand (my cable carrier) and the screen just goes black with a “no signal” message. The only way to deal with it is to get up, unplug and replug the Roku. But that only fixes it until the next time, sometimes at intervals of 10 minutes or less so I get so frustrated I turn the whole thing off. Today I got through 30 minutes of a movie without interruption, a record. I bought it because of all the great recommendations on line, what a disappointment.

Randy Prescott AZ

The problems I encountered with setup and normal function could be traced directly to my router placement. At first the unit could not find my network on repeated trys, finally it found the network, lost it a few times, then finally managed to set itself up. When I tried to run Netflix it loaded the movie, started to play, then every few minutes it had to reload the movie to continue playing. During the loading process the unit indicated at the bottom the the signal was GOOD!. It showed two dots for signal strength. Nothing in the instructions stated how many dots represented a good or bad signal or what was required to make the unit work. I found that two dots is NOT good. I repositioned my router by placing it where there was much less obstruction of the signal. I used my laptop signal strength meter to see that I increased my signal strength to the max in the master bedroom. Once I got my signal up to max, the ROKU unit would immediately find my signal, the downloading was fast and I was showing FOUR dots on signal strength. Now the unit works flawlessly. Bottom line!!!!! Before you beat yourself up trying to figure out what is wrong with the unit, make sure your getting a full signal from your router to your location. The unit does not work on a GOOD or weak signal. Although your laptop will work in the same location the ROKU will not.

and now I do get a screen with all my apps

I’ve had our Roku since December, and it worked well until a few days ago. Problem started with loading from HBOGO, just a little at first, then the HBOGO movie would start then jam up and give “loading”” message. Finally screen doesn’t budge — no response from the remote whatsoever. I’ve unplugged it

Justin Milwaukee WI

Had a problem with my roku streaming stick, worked fine for a few months then restarting/rebooting every few minutes making Hulu/Netflix unwatchable, this went on for days. Tried rebooting, reinstalling Netflix, etc without success. Moved the old roku stick to a new TV (per advice of a previous post here) and it worked fine on that TV (both TV’s are relatively new LED’s). Moved it back to the problem TV and same problem.

Bought a brand new roku stick for the problem TV (Samsung 22″ LED UN22F5000AF), same problem. Seemed like everything was up to date software wise (although couldn’t find new firmware to try for the TV), but the problem (frequent reboots) seemed to stem from loosing power to the Roku stick. Connections seemed secure (Roku into TV HDMI, power plug into TV USB) and didn’t lose power with wiggling the connections, etc, but power really seemed like the issue so I started to wonder if the USB just wasn’t meant to power the thing (even though it worked fine for 3+ months previously, I’m not sure that it is actually a “powered USB”).

Changed the roku from getting power via the TV USB to just plugging into an outlet: problem solved. Thing works just fine now, no resets. Old Roku stick works just fine like this too. Maybe as new Netflix/Hulu interfaces and Roku updates come out, the thing just drains more power and the small TV couldn’t keep up.

Whatever the reason, if anybody has a similar problem, can always try this and see if it saves you some time/frustration.


My roku XD won’t turn on. I was rearranging my entertainment center, and when I plugged the roku back in it wouldn’t turn on. Later I realized I accidentally used the wrong power cord which had a higher output than the one that came with the roku. Now it won’t turn on at all. The light doesn’t come on. I tried resetting, switching av cables and outlets, and still nothing. If I shorted it out with the wrong power cord os there any way to fix it?

Ginger Suriano Myers Spokane Washington

We installed our Roku stick not even a wk ago. Had the same problem as you are talking about, with the % circle and telling us we may not have a connection. All of our other devices are running on our wifi fine and online at the same time. I did call the other night and they told me our router had to be set on channel 11 instead of 1. So, did that and it was running again solidly until tonight again. At a loss of what to do next, except returning it.