Hector Hernandez

I recently notice the roku signal fading in and out in a matter of seconds.
It is very irrotaing. I tried reseting my modem,wireless router and roku box with no positive results.
I called roku tech support. Roku tech support did a update and reduced the speep. The problem persist.
I wonder if roku box is overheating. I would like any helpful advise.

Joe B.

After reading all the comments, I realize it is hopeless. I have had the same problems. It worked fine last year now it will not connect to my wireless. Cant get any help from Roku I changed from AT&T wireless to Comcast and have not connected. My only answer is to cancel Netflix and discontinue the service. Hours of wasted effort. I am seeing the same shows on expanded cable or select DVD’s

Shane Calgary AB

(Roku 3)

NETFLIX would not load past Red screen…

I went online and in my NETFLIX profile I choose the option “Log out of all devices”, I also unplugged the Roku for about 1-2 minutes. Once Roku turned back on I started Netflix, it asked for my login info and it ran perfect!


I just bought the new roku 2 days ago….everything is working in our house. It says the internet is connected and signal strength is ‘excellent’. still is not working. we watched 2 movies yesterday and have not been able to use it since!!!!! WTF?

robert pearce

I have been experiencing problems with a ROKU 2 for about 2 weeks, unable to connect to my wireless network. I had two long and fruitless sessions with Roku chat support, and was about to pay for phone support today when I received a message to download the latest software version. After doing that and reconfiguring my Amazon connection I am back in business.


New to Roku. Audio on HDMI works find if I hook up to A/V and the audio for talking is set comfortable when the back ground music blares to the point where the cabnet rattles. A/V audio does this on a number of older analog tv and works find if I use the HDMI connection on a HDTV. Have not tried the A/V connection on a HDTV

Any ideas/input?