For anyone who is experiencing problems with connection wirelessly, like if it says it won’t connect, or if netflix loads very slowly or not at all, the fix is to plug the roku directly into your network. I was having so many issues with it for a while and tried everything to fix it. The roku is still a good product, but they haven’t done well with it’s ability to handle a wireless signal. My signal was excellent all the time and it gave me problems. I almost gave up, but decided to plug it in via ethernet cable directly to my wireless router. The thing has been working smooth and perfect ever since. I love mine now. For well over a week since I plugged it in that way I have not had a single problem loading netflix or anything else. Everything else I was using wirelessly works great so there must be a limited ability with the roku to pick up a wireless signal. When you plug it in with the ethernet cable, it also makes it work a ton faster and the picture quality is much better. Hope this helps change some peoples mind about this. I think roku is a great product for the price. There are a few bugs, like I was hoping to run it wirelessly, but hooking up a cable and having t.v. for a crap load cheaper than going through a cable or dish company is worth it to me!!


Work Around. Had issue with freezing as play button was hit for Netflix streaming. I changed D/L speed to 3.5 Mbps from “automatic” (by pressing home 5x, rew 3x, ff 2x) on roku remote. I think this was inconsequential. Simply press pause as the download bar freezes up. The normal scene stills appear and I was able to play from there.

dee bar Naples fl

I received the roku divice as a gift have been trying to watch a couple of series on Netflix. The streaming is awful.. I watch approximately 3 min of an episode when then picture goes black and “loading please wait” appears and that takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to load. Then the episode appears close to where it left off and the cycle begins again. Is this unit a lemon or is this typical for the roku devices? It is plugged into the hdmi and all the hook up instructions were followed exactly..
I need assistance ASAP please!!!

Tom Koshy

I bought a Roku 3 with Dishworld in dec 2014. Everything worked perfectly fine for about 1 month. Now it freezes with the Roku dancing screen. I have to unplug the device and connect again. then it will work for a while and it freezes again. This is driving me nuts. What is the issue? Isnt Roku reliable? I should have picked up Amazon or Apple product. Does anyone else have this issue?


I´ve had my XS for about 3 months now. When I first set it up, I could not get it to connect to my wireless router. It could see the router, it just didn´t connect. I called tech support and it was just a waste of time. I finally got it to work with the ethernet cable, and then, as if nothing had ever happened, I got it to connect to my wireless network. It freezes once in a while because my router is relatively far from it. I´ve also had some problems when I try to watch some live TV, but Netflix, Crackle, Pandora and most podcasts are fine. I can say I am a bit disappointed because I have not been able to watch more live TV, but from reading this forum, I consider myself lucky it wasn´t worse.

Jamie Lewis Grand Rapids Michigan

This past weekend the sound started cutting out while I had Pandora running.
Last night I tried using it again with Hulu and it was still dropping out.
I switched from surround sound to the tv internal speakers and it still kept doing it, so I know it is not a tv or speaker problem.

Joe El Mirage AZ

I unplugged my Roku HD today to move it from my upstairs to downstairs. When I plugged it back in it will not even boot to the Roku screen. It was working fine 3 days ago when I last used it and now, nothing. I’ve repeatedly tried resetting it and even went as far as to try and hard reset it, still nada. Any help that y’all can help with would be great.

Tom Cluster Lincoln CA

I have a Roku 4 (4400X), device ID 4U75AE152345, s/n YY00E5152345, connected to the Internet via an Ethernet connection on a reliable U-Verse 50 meg connection. When attempting to stream YouTube it fails miserably, yet I can stream the same program from YouTube to my TV using the HDMI-connected Chromecast device. When trying to use the Roku device it barely even gets the first image onto the screen. I’ve read of other people having problems with it freezing, in my case it never gets off the ground. I am up-to-date on my Roku maintenance. Why doesn’t it work properly?