but it is usually over after several hours or a day. Now it has been almost 2 days!!! Any idea?”

Nothing works since yesterday, neither Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus nor anything else. Intenet connection is excellent. Netflix works fine on the laptop. First I thought was the remote control so I changed the batteries. Now when I press the”OK”” button on the remote I just here this “”Beep””. I can move up and down but can’t access any of the channels. The ONLY thing I CAN access is the SETTING. Reading all the problems people posted and the responses

Greg mn

A few hours ago I was watching an English crime drama on youtube without incident. 5 hours later now I cannot get my roku 3 to open the youtube source. AMZN NFLX are next to it on my home page. They open just fine. I have tried 6 different common methods to try to get Youtube to open. Nothing! Ant thoughts suggestions otherwise I am going to ask AMEX to refund my purchase because of the defect in my roku.

Helen Guidry Tulsa OK

My Roku remote control is frozen! It will not allow me to move to the Nexflix or any other channel from My Channels. The signal from my Roku2 streaming box is not the usual bright green. Model# 3050R. Lot#5200116228. Purchased at Best Buy in 9/12. Have not had any problems until today.

Beer Angel

Same problem here. Click on the Netflix icon. Tries to load list and goes right back to the icon. Called it in. They told me it was a known problem and told me I’d get called back when the problem is fixed. No way they are going to make all those phone calls. I inquired with regard to an ETA on the fix and was told there was none. Tough luck was the unspoken answer IMHO. Very annoying.

I also have two boxes. One is working, one is not. Once the problem occurs it is box specific. Hope it does not happen to my second box. No Roku sense of urgency here. My son told me I shoulda bought an xBox. Guess he was right.

mark seattle Washington

Glad this website is here to vent…..but my goal is to get this problem I am about to described fixed somehow since Roku tech support does not have a clue.

This problem is easy to repeat so do not know why the engineers do not yet have a fix. I have a N1000 Roku box, Software 3.0, build 2227. Box has worked fine for 1 plus years. Problem started about the time Roku rolled out support for multi channel sound. Here is what happens:

1) Play any audio only podcast or program. CNN news update, Fox news update, etc. etc.

2) Now play any video streaming program… box will lock up when initial loading.

only solution is to do a power cycle. real irritating. I now have to do this multiple times per day.

I have spent hours and hours on the phone, email, and chat with Roku support. They just do not get it . Have done factory resets, configuring my router, etc multiple times. Oh, also, my box is WIRED not wireless.

Anybody have a potential solution for this?


I came to this site because I was researching an internet connection problem with my Roku player which has been working fine for over a year. My player will connect to my wired or wireless network, but will not connect to the internet. All other devices, such as laptops, smart phones, and cameras have no problem connecting to the internet via wireless network. After reading the problems listed here I have decided to just bite the bullet and purchase a different device such as a blu-ray player. I will also have to tell my friends to stay away from Roku. Its really too bad Roku couldnt have responded a little better to the problems with their equipment. They didnt just loose me as a customer but everyone I know.


I have the roku one, and a windows 8.1 phone. On the roku mobile app the “play to” feature will respond when I pick a song, start to pull it up on my tv, then as soon as you can see the song title it just shuts down.. Can anybody help? I tried everything I could think of. It worked for about 15 min the other day but that was the only time I was able to use it. Tried to talk to roku support about it, so far no help.


Yessir….this week has been interesting to say the least on my ROKU 2XD….it’s losing it’s mind now too. Funny thing is, I can play Angry Birds all day long, but try to get onto CNBC or any other Channel and it’s impossible and I go to the Network screen and it says I have no connection, but am able to use my computers. Of course, I have done a reset and have started a new WIFI connection, but neither of those “solutions” work. It just doesn’t work now.

It may run once in a while, but it seems in the last few days it’s getting worse at being frozen. Can’t add new channels or delete them now. I have a DVD player that can get some channels and some are just on the Internet, but Crackle is now gone too and I really liked some of those movies. I may buy the newest ROKU device, but it looks as though it really makes no difference which one you have…they all seem to have problems.


i just bought the newest version of roku and at the same time i bought a apple tv.i had just done this to replace my blue ray player in my living room witch i never used the disk player in it any way.BUT my wife and i enjoyed net flicks and pandora etc.we use the audio constantly.SO when i hooked up the roku to watch a tv stations it was grainy and poor.and the pandora audio was kinda tunnely and foggy.so i thought it might be my connection so i swapped with my apple tv.apple tv…crisp and clear and video and perfect.so has any one eles experinced this audio issues?to stream to thes so called channels is a joke they looked terrible.so are we doing anything wrong before i take this thing back?i say online vs for apple tv vs roku.right now i dont see the advantage.