wayne drexler covington wa

I purchases a Roku and tried to set up an account in good faith. the website is slow and difficult to work. 2 hours later and I had to give up on the set up. The website would not respond. Looks like I will have to return the Roku, not much use to anyone if the account wont work.

Douglas Best Pleasanton TX

When the Roku went to 7.5 OS the video on my private channels no longer would play on my stick. It still plays on the old OS on other devices that are not updated. I was told to contact the developer. I told them I was the developer. They said they could not help.

Webfoot Yelm Wa

Thank you sooo much for a place to vent !!! Apparently that is really the only option we have when there is a problem with a Roku box. A couple of days ago, Netflix was having a problem and I got tired of waiting for them to fix it, so I clicked over to Crackle. Today I switched back to Netflix. Corection! I Tried to switch back! All I get is a grey screen & the word – retrieving. I called Netflix and they had me power down my Roku box and my modem and re-start them as usual. Then I was told to go to Roku home screen, then settings and check status,which said it was ok. I was told that Netflix was not having any problem and the Roku box was not the problem, so the PROBLEM (they say) is the signal between Roku and Netflix, originating from Roku. So I called Roku, where I was told that I was no longer entitled to phone support (it’s only good for 90 days) and if I wanted to talk to a person (even the ones we can’t understand) I would have to pay $9. I was so mad, I didn’t hear if that was a per-talk price or what! After hanging up on that person, I called Netflix again to tell them what was happening, & ask if they could inform Roku of the problem and was told they had no way to get in touch with Roku. Now since they sell the Roku box AND their subscription service, would’nt you think there would be some sort of communication between them? I hung up AGAIN!! Maybe tomorrow I’ll call again (when I cool off a little). If I get No Satisfaction then, I will call the Better Business Bureau and my state’s Attorney General. There have been problems in the past with Netflix AND Roku, but never something totally Unresolveable like this. I was going to buy one of the new Roku boxes and a gift subscription to Netflix for my son for Christmas, but now—NOT ON YOUR LIFE !!!
Once again, THANKS for the place to VENT. At least I know it’s not my lack of knowledge of ALL things techy. Good Luck to all!!!

G Corbin Boston MA – Massachusetts

Your roku player is unable to complete the requested action. Please try again later. If this problem persists please unplug your player, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in.

This is the message I get every time I try to access a Netflix product. We have unplugged everything. We have reset Roku. We have tried using the “search” venue.

The Roku 2 XD was purchased within the last year.

What else can we do?

Caroline Deltona FL

I am having a very odd problem, my roku connects fine navigates through the menu and channels fine, I can play pandora and angry birds fine full sound and graphics. But anytime I go to play any video netflix, crackle, etc I get a plain purple screen, the audi comes through fine but no video. I have checked my hdmi connections unplugged and reset the roku and nothing seems to make it change. The connection is wirless but signal shows excellent???


I tried installing this moronic device and after it asked for my credit card info just to connect I had my doubts; then I saw this web site, now I know for sure I’m going to return it! Thank you for creating this web site. No entertainment device that you have to pay for should require credit information to use free sites or Netflix which I already have an account for. I have an x-box a blu-ray player and a laptop that all do the same thing as this useless device without asking for confidential financial information. The bluthering idots who market Roku should be put in jail. I guess I should know better than to shop at Radio Shack too.

jackstubbington Saultste. marie ont

There is a temporary fix for viewing MLB on your Roku2sx if you aren’t already aware.

Go to home on your roku than settings. Go to display mode and change to 16×9 screen size and than go back and click on to the game you would like to watch. I’ve changed back to 1080p and it still worked but then a couple of times since i’ve had to go back to 16×9 to reactivate the games. I hope this works for you.


I have had the same connection problems lately. Then I couldn’t connect at all. I unplugged ROKU from the tv and the source of current and waited a few minutes. Then I replugged it to the tv and the electricity and it all worked. Hope this helps.

Fritz Trappey San Antonio TX

I used netflix through my wii console and was tired of the constant freezing up and reloading….no matter how far it was from my wireless router, or even direclty connected…it kept doing it. I thought the Roku would be a good solution to this problem. So far I may have eliminated the reloading, but after a little while, I’ve noticed that when we search through the movies, it’s like the memory buffer fills up and it starts freezing up and getting slower and slower and slower and finally it is completely frozen and I have to repower it off and on. This happens 4 or 5 times a week, sometimes 2 times a day. Also a lot of times after a reboot, I get a pink screen, but with sound. I thought it was my HDMI cable, but now I’m on my 3rd cable and it keeps doing it. Sometimes it will fix itself if I walk up and just touch it right on the side with my finger…..not sure if I’ve made a wise choice or not, because it seems that I’ve traded 1 problem for 3. Guess at least my movies aren’t interupted anymore though. Great idea, just needs work.

liz pa

ok i got the roku 2 and i used it for a day and kicked me out of netflix. i went to the website like it told me to do and i went through the steps to uninstall the app and re install it and that should have fixed the problem but it did not. i can get on the other apps but not netflix. i am not a happy camper and will be returning it to the store tomorrow. unless someone can help me out by then thanks.