I bought my Roku around christmas and it was working just fine until about beginning of February. I thought the issues were due to our wireless connection because we had to have our router changed. Turns out, even after the wireless issue was fixed, the roku now won’t work. I’ve tried to reset it, tried to use a different television set and nothing is working. It is very frustrating since it was a good amount of money and I’ve only had it (working) for a month.

Al lake elsinore ca

ROKU was great untill lately its constantly freezing and reloading mostly when you are watching netflix. almost like some one is interfearing with the system, or netflix goes down for repairs, very bothersome.
it seems to be up to date ? I am woundering if cable net works like dish are altering it? in any way. almost like interfearing with your wireles router? does any one know if there have been issues with the Roku device?
there are many blogs with complaints that was never the case, dont think that this could happen to every one at the same time.

Jay Attleboro Ma

I have a Roku stick and it was working fine until a couple of days ago it started flickering and the Audio would just cut off but only for a few seconds and then it wouldn’t happen for hours. Now as soon as I plug it in it restarts and flickers at the very beginning of loading I get to the home screen and it gets worse!! The flickering makes the screen go black anyone know why or how to fix?

Karen WA

Hours on the phone with ROKU, Netflix, my internet service provider, ROKU, TP-LINK (my router) and still no Netflix. Pandora and other stations work, but no Netflix 😛 Also, Amazon movies freeze up continually and have to reload every minute or so. I’m SICK OF ROKU! I can watch netflix and Amazon movies from my wireless computer just fine so it has to be the ROKU 2. Now ROKU wants me to have assign a new Primary DNS # and a new Secondary DNS #. TP-LINK says that if I do that, I may lose my internet connection completely! ARGH! Is ROKU playing cruel practical jokes on me and trying to sabotage my internet connection completely???


sbiddle rocklin ca

Can’t load netflicks programs past 25% just stalls out and won’t load has been happening for some days now. I took roku out of TV HDMI slot for over 12 hours.. Re inserted it still had the problem. Very frustrating.


I have a Roku 4, less than a week old. This morning while changing selections, the picture went off. Would not come back on. I unplugged the unit and 10 sec later plugged it in again. It acted like it was going to reset showing the dancing ROKU name, Then there were two displays that I thought were quality selections and then blank. I’ve reset the router and the modem and unplugged the unit several time. When I unplug the unit, the TV shows “No Signal”. When it gets plugged in, the “No Signal” disappears. Cannot connect with Roku Chat Support. Any ideas?

Larry Moran LAGUNA NIGUEL California

Roku worked from Christmas until this week. Did a reset and now I can’t get attached to my wifi. Son-in-law gave up trying to connect to his wifi and uses a cable.
Rodu help thinks I’m stupid and don’t know my password! I’ve tried email and chat and am now waiting for a call from the help desk.
Does this product really work?

Jane Teutsch Larkspur CO

We bought a Roku 2 about a year ago to watch the Glenn Beck show in the evenings. it was working just fine for several months until our Blaze subscription was coming up for renewal. We renewed and all was fine on the computer but we could never get the Blaze on Roku again. It works just fine streaming in all the others but not the Blaze, as if we had no subscription. I have written over and over again but to no avail. No one contacts us and there is no number to call. We have just given up. We don’t think it is the Roku but the Blaze connection. What to do? How do we get someone’s attention?


When attempting to play downloaded content via a usb memory device through the usb port using the ROKU media player the device displays “retrieving” with a progress bar that maxes out at the far right side but does not progress. Some types of media do play but movies do not. I believe the file format is supported. Here is an example The “ABCD MOVIE” 2013 1080p BDRip x264 AAC-KiNGDOM. The file was shared through a torrent. It plays on my PC using Chrome or the Windows Media Player.
Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve had a roku for several years and haven’t had any problems untill lately when the loading….reloading…..reloading problem has come up. That I can deal with. My old tv recently died and now it seems roku can not talk to the new one. I can only get black and white on the home page and the movies. Has anyone else had this happen?

Mr Yellowdawg

I have a Roku 3400X MHL stick that balks when the TV is turned off. Everything works after using regular TV channels or watching a DVD and going back to the MHL input. When I turn the TV off at night and turn it on in the morning the Roku is unresponsive. I have to push the stick’s reset button to get back to the home screen. Does anyone else have this problem and what can be done about it short of leaving the TV always on?

Gary Dzurny Ballwin MO

We were in the middle of watching a show on netflix and it froze. Roku 3 would not respond so had to recycle the power. After reset, the Roku player reboots but then remains frozen at mainscreen. It appears that there is now a blackfriday advertisement on my screen in the lower right side. This behavior may be tied to an update that was being performed. I have recycle power 4 times with no change in behavior. I gave up and I am now streaming on my Amazon Fire.

Aaron Hagerman Westland MI – Michigan

I have so many roku problems. Starting with the remote that goes through periods of total unresponsivness making it as useful as a paper weight. It also freezes all the time and loses connection to the internet. Your product is terrible, I am watching the roku home screen right now because the remote won’t work. Please nobody buy this POS!