Shelley Mercer Lansing MI

My ROKU 3 will not load HuluPlus (4/10/2015). It starts and stops, goes back to previous menu or system restarts. Had several PBSKids episodes that won’t work either. I reset my entire system. Using Ethernet line direct to ROKU. Any suggestions.

vernon sandusky

I had the stupid hangup at the red Netflix screen. Tried changing from wired to wireless , no help. Then I pulled the power plug. It seems like that is the only solution that works.

This stupid roku player just periodically gets lost and the only solution is to pull the power plug. When will programmers get ever learn to create programs that don’t periodically become hung up in hopeless loops. I dunno, but I would definitely not buy roku again. vern

Beatrice MClain Raleig NC

I am very, very, frustrated with my ROKU box and the CSR dept…my box has been playing well for months and in the last 2 days I have had cannot connect to internet; messages and have re-tried until I was ready to throw the box out the window. Phone customer service; they had me dis-connect, re-boot, try an ethereal cord, call my Modem server to tell them to delete their firewall, open some ports, instill NAR (whatever that is) and my Tech support told me that Netflix should have open access to the Modem because none of these steps are necessary since they did a re-s check on my Modem an ARRIS. The CSR s have been very difficult or me to communicate with since their “English” is not English. And the last one I spoke with is trying to get me to use a wired connection(NETGEAR)…..I dont want that!!!! I want my ROKU box to perform as it has been! I WANT A REPLACEMENT FOR THE $79 BOX I BOUGHT IN FAITH FROM NETFLIX.

Don Colebourn Walnut Creek CA

I have had my ROKU for about 2 years. It worked fine for the first year and then I stopped using it for about 1 year. I went back to turn it on it won’t work. The blue light on my KDMI box is on and when I push my home button on my Netgear Roku remote the white light on the Roku box comes on and then I go to my Alivio remote for my HDMI and if I push the 1 button the blue light changes to a blue llight on the left and then goes back to the blue light on the right but nothing happens on the screen. If I push the nulmber 2 button the blue light on the right blinks and then stops blinking but nothing happens on the screen. I rebooted everything but nothing happened. I tried to hook up the Netgear ROKU box directly to my TV instead of going through the HDMI box and nothing happened. So what can I do? I don’t want to buy a new ROKU box if that isn’t the problem.

Thank you


this few days my roku 2 XS cant stream netflix movies…it always say Internal error or the device has no internet connection, Its working on different channels such as crackle and crunchyroll. I already tried resetting the device, unplugging it from network,logging out my account, but still its not working.My netflix also works on my computer

Kevin Houston

Netflix wont retrieve video stream on either a 2xd and a 2 while they both used to work perfectly. Bought new router this week, all other channels stream perfectly including amazon. Netflix works perfect on PCs or android apps.

Strangely if I log the roku onto my “guest” wifi account netflix works fine but the roku of course cant see my dlna server for other content. As soon as I log back onto the regular network wifi netflix hangs on “retrieving” stream.

markd waterloo il

The Roku is a great idea but without good management and competent tech support it can’t be viable in the long run.
My understanding of the reviews last year was that apple and roku were on par,but now apple has blown roku away and its all roku’s fault…Roku could have Youtube and needs it.. Roku at least could have a could minibrowser like a smart tv and or good working server app like the new google chrome extension but they have terrible tech support instead and a management that just sees a narrow view of dollar signs
I will use my roku’s until they are no longer supported but the way roku is going i don’t think that will be long


I have a ROKU 3 and nbcsn, nbcgold, and Amazon video are not even loading. Icon sits in middle of screen. Is this a ROKU problem? Although I am not sure how we would ever know because it does not appear, by reading anything on here, NO ONE is responding.

Thomas Dunlap Northfield MN

On my ROKU 3, every night around 8:00 – 8:30 PM Netflix starts buffering. It will go to 25% stay there for awhile and then go to a screen that states that we should check out connection. We have to resume the show and in 5 to 10 minutes it starts again. We have no issues with Hulu Plus or Amazon. Just Netflix. However, I have no issues with streaming Netflix on my laptop. I have a case open with Roku, and they have been helpful, but unable to resolve the issue. Netflix Support is worthless.