Billie GA

I have a roku HD that I bought in 2013 and has been my trusty partner ever since… But I mainly use it to watch videos from YouTube on my tv… And the past two days, the YouTube app has crashed every single time I try to open it. It’s immediate… I’m just wondering if there’s been an update to the YouTube app on roku devices and if my device is no longer supported? If so, I’d rather know sooner rather than later. I’ve tried using my junior detective googling skills but I haven’t caught any mentions of this. Anyone else experiencing similar problems? It’s model #2500X, if that helps.

Karen Sacramento CA

I’ve been using Roku for Netflix for many months now, very happily and without incident. Suddenly on Sunday, November 27, 2011 it would not connect, telling me my wireless connection was not functioning. But it works fine for other devices. Then I read online at Roku’s website that there WAS a problem with Netflix on Sunday, the day my problem started, but that it is now resolved. But my problem continues. I continue to get messages stating that my connection is not functioning.

Lance Kenton Simi Valley CA

I have purchased 3ea Roku 2 players… Both exhibit playback glitches when watching a movie on Netflix… They speed up for just a fraction of a second… Then return to normal speed. This take place about every 45 seconds…. My original Roku XDS works better… although 720P only….

Whats up….. No firmware to correct this that I have found…


ROKU 2 – Last 2 updates is when it started. The pink screen of death! The first update caused the pink screen occasionally, second update it happens most of the time on Netflix, USB drive and EVERY channel I try to play. Now there is no roku usage at all and I am very angry. I live in the country, no sat TV or cable either, when the day is over and I get home to watch a few hours of TV, I can’t!

Roku, please get your programming fixed and do an update to fix this problem. I tried to reset the unit to factory settings and disable updates because the unit used to work great. Now, it still stinks with no TV. I am going to buy an Apple TV and be done with Roku.

Perhaps, Roku has done this on purpose to force people into buying a Roku 3?

ron albany ny

I have purchase a roku3 two months ago but I just started to install this week. The player read my router ssid but when I put in the password it doesn’t go beyond that. I have even tried wired and it gives me a code 014 for wireless and wired. I have tried many times, live chat and spoken with roku and still nothing. I have updated my router software, change the ssid and password which I use numbers for mu password and still nothing. Could it be defective?


August 10, 2016 – I have 4 Roku players, all stopped working on Saturday. 5 hours of customer support with Roku, Router and ISP. Roku blames that my encryption is set to TKIP+AES – they state it needs to be TKIP only. My router doesn’t offer that – after speaking to ISP carrier – they said few routers offer that, it’s not safe. Even when I DISABLE encryption totally – 3 Rokus are still not working, the one that DOES work – is one of the really OLDER models. After numerous phone and webchat support – I am waiting for someone to call me back.

Is anyone else going through this?

Mr. Frustrated

I purchased a Roku XD player about three months. Since the first connection, I experienced the continuous stalling, looping, connection checks and irritating messages about how the player can’t connect to the Internet. Last week, I spent 5 hours with Roku support attempting to resolve the issue, each tech assuring me that they could fix the problem. I was informed to reset Roku and my router (all of which I had already done several times before the call to tech support). The tech told me (And I knew better) that the problem was with my ISP and I needed to change a DNS entry on via the Router properties page…NOT. Most ISPs will not allow this action unless the customer is using a business router. Alas, after 5 hours and now 48 hours since that time, I still cannot view any channels on Roku. No Netflix, No GBTV, No Pandora, No…Nothing! I am so frustrated and it sucks that I am outside of the retail store return period and cannot find the original receipt. I would not recommend anyone purchase a Roku until they get their act together. (Netflix came up. Clicking resume. and NOTHING). LET SOMEONE KNOW!!!!!


Anyone else having troubles lately? It’s been about 4 days that I click on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc and it tells me that the video cannot be uploaded and to please check with my internet company for connectivity, but my internet connectivity is excellent, much better than average. I don’t know what to do. Any ideas?


What a joke this Site for comments is, there are plenty of comments/complaints mostly, but I cannot find any answers to these. What the heck good is it other than to let off some steam???
Here comes my “Steam”:
Just rec’d a brand new Roku2 from a Glenn Beck commercial, along with a subscription to GBTV.
Went by the book, in order, for hooking it up and when I navigate on my TV to the input I connected the Roku to, I get a loud HUM out of the right RCA Audio Cable (supplied in the box) and no Video on the TV Screen.
According to the instructions in the box, you need what is on the TV screen to do the set-up/connecting to my Wireless signal connection to the Internet. Is there someone out there who has any suggestions??


BOUGHT THREE ROKU units 3 months ago after researching them. I really was impressed and really talked them up for the first two months,then the freeze ups started WTF OVER.Now it does it constantly,except most commercials play thru {go figure}. I use a Clear cellular 8 port wireless hub,all other devices such as Ipod,laptop,cellphone all work fine,even at the same time and while the hub switches between 3g and4g networks.The problem is the damn ROKU unit,theres no support to speak of,I mean what the hell,Ihave never gone to a forum before,but Im pissed,I talked this thing up,and I got a PIECE OF SHIT for the 250 dollars I spent, embarrassing as hell when the kids and their friends are getting pissed off at it,christ all we wanna do is relax and tune out but we cant even tune in WTF THIS ROKU IS A PIECE OF SHIT TOMORROW THE KIDS AND I WILL CELEBRATE BY DRIVING MY 1 TON FORD OVER ALL 3 FREAKING UNITS. THANXS I FEEL A LITTLE BETTER NOW.BACK TO BIG CABLE I GUESS WTF.


Since day one with ROKU my Microsoft screen has a black background and says I may have an illegal copy of windows; I know I have Windows 7 but after I enter name and password a message tells me I don’t have windows 7 and wants me to purchase it.