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Ok don’t laugh but I had the same problem -every time I tried to access Netflix from the roku it said retrieving but seemed to bounce out- all I did was pressed really hard on the ok button and held it while it was saying retrieving and I got into Netflix. How this works for you all….stupid remote…

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ROKU and TED need to have some alone time so they can work their relationship out. I am sure with a little counseling they will get past pointing fingers at who is responsible and find it in their hearts to unite. When some talks work and others don’t… when they do they will sometimes end abruptly with messages of incompatibility…when it is Jan 26th, 2012 before the DEC 2011 talks are even posted…ah young love. Oh and yes I have tried turning ROKU on/off, adding/deleting TED channel,etc. None of this worked so I appeal or at least rant here.


I have a ROKU 4200x. All 28 of my channels work fine EXCEPT YouTube, which has suddenly started giving me a black screen when I open it. Tried resetting ROKU, removing & reinstalling channel, etc. Got on text chat with support for 45 minutes – guy tried several things. No change – same black screen. Then chat abruptly ended. Thanks a bunch ROKU.


We have had a Roku 1 for about six months and it has worked fine until now. When we click on a selected channel from the home screen, the picture is has a horizontal hold issue. We can hear the sound of the program, but no picture. The problem is not with our television set. We have already tried unplugging the device and waiting to start it up again, but that does not work. Has anyone else had this problem?

Anon J

I have had my roku for a year and a half with no problems. Suddenly the screen started blinking off and on. Video, black screen, video, black screen. It is a couple seconds on each. It does it whether I am on the home screen or any channel. I can unplug it and as soon as it is plugged back in it starts blinking again.

John Yakima

Oh great! Tried to remove Netflix so I could restore the channel for hopefully better service and guess what?………got the message…”We are enable to complete your request at this time. Please try again later.”” What a crappy system. Cable TV here I come!”

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This is not an answer or silver bullet for all but this is my story if your service provider is AT&T.
1. Desktop (hardwired) – modem/wireless device in Den.
2. Went to to run test made note on Ping, Download Speed, and Upload Speed.
3. I stationed a laptop in the room approx. 50’ with TV and ROKU device. Opened web site ran test, made note of Ping, Download Speed, and Upload Speed.
4. Note: all TV s were in off position before test.
5. Start and make notes (Ping, Download Speed and Upload Speed) after each time you turn on an HD TV on both desktop and laptop until you have them all turned on and should be able to see your Ping, Download Speed and Upload Speed drop.
6. Leave all units on or the ones you normally have on when problem begins and now turn on Roku Netflix or whichever you are having trouble with. Once on, run test on both desktop and laptop in room with Roku device and it should drop more than the desktop closer to Modem/wireless device.
7. Roku streaming takes a lot of Mbps Bandwidth, I had 25M Max Plus and since that was the problem, went up to 30M problem fixed for now. * forgot Smart Phone was also loosing connection while on Roku/Netflix problem fixed.
8. Also Digital Life Security system used some of my Mbps Download Speed.
9. Not blaming Roku or Netflix……………make appointment with AT&T Tech to check what I indicated above, was no charge to me. Below is a way to change channels before upgrading changing profile to higher Mbps if signal is good.
If you are an AT&T U-Verse customer go to
Key Things to do Using Your Gateway
Click: wireless
Click: Network
Wireless Channel: change channel
Or Click: rescan to Check Wireless Channel Availability
Under Security insert your modem equipment login password then click save
Wireless Key Use default Wireless Network Key printed on the System Label

Use custom Wireless Network Key

If you have AT&T call for assistants to go over this part of changing channels. Good Luck

David Pere

i have 3 Roky 2 connected to my TVs all of them stopped working 2 daya ago. They power up and boot but when trying to use netflix or hulu plus get connecton problems. Ha have a wirelles internet conection with one provider ans a wired conection with other and both of them are working. Hel needed. Thanks ”


Hey, my Roku player had been working great until i had it unplugged for about a week. Now the light on the box blinks and my tv is showing no signal. I have already tried reseting it twice, but nothing has changed. If anybody knows how to fix this problem please help!