Patty Ritzville WA

I have a red Angry Birds Roku. It has worked fine for over a year with no issues. Now, for about 10 days – it tells me to unplug for 20 seconds (which I do from the unit, since the power outlet is behind an entire stereo/tv setup) but it does not fix the problem. Every channel works except for NETFLIX. Whose problem is this- Netflix, Roku- what? Netflix does work on the desktop and laptop computer. I am located near Spokane, Wa. and a U.S.A. map currently shows a higher incidence of problems in this area.

Graham NS

I can get the picture but no sound! It says – ‘no audio output signal. Check output device’. However, the roku doesn’t have sound on any of my tvs…..anyone know what could be wrong? It was working fine one day…..then not the next, and I did not touch the connections….


I have the Roku 1 which looks like a USB Drive that plugs into the TV. I’m having a problem with YouTube channel not working, also I’m having a problem with DramaFever after an episode finishes I click over to the next episode and before I used to be able to just click it and it would start now it seems that I have to go all the way out and then go back all the way in for it to start on the next episode this is so time consuming.what can I do to fix this issue with both problems that I have?


Just got a ROKU HD from target and when I plug it in I get the ROKU logo on the screen for about 30 seconds and then the screen goes dark and there is nothing else. I’ve tried the remote and it appears to be working because when I press a button the little LED on the front of the Roku flickers but nothing changes on the screen – just darkness.

I am using an apple Airport Extreme as my wireless router and the internet for everything else works fine. So all I get when I plug in the ROKU is the purple logo against a grey backdrop and then the screen goes dark without any notification at all.

mike ca

Roku2 has started displaying youtube videos with only a partial picture displaying on the right side of the screen and
all black over the left half of the screen. Have tried rebooting, signing out and signing in, and also deleting the channel and re-adding it–none worked. Is there a fix coming?


I have a Roku3. There are problems with resolution with YouTube. Not displays HD. I have the Chromecast and a SamsungSmartTV with YouTube and the resolution is good. But in Roku3 is not the same. In Roku forums this problem appears sinces April2015. If you have the YouTube app without sign your Google account YouTube works perfectly with Roku. If you register your account the problem appears. I see YouTube in Roku now without sign in. The other apps, Netflix etc works without problems, only YouTube have this situation. Roku needs to resolve this problem because is real. The resolution is low with YouTube videos when sign in the Google account. Without sign in the problem dissapears.