Jeff Jordan MN

My roku3 was working fine. Upon loading several extra channels, some that stream live content, I have had my channel icon menu disappear. Using arrow keys on the remote, the channels select as normal (text appears to indicate which channel), but the icons are not there. If I do a software update via the remote, the channel icons reappear. If I select a channel, then go back to the channel menu, the icons disappear again. This has happened repeatedly for the last 3 days. I have had my roku for 3 weeks now.

Amy Excelsior MN

I am having similar issues. We have two Roku 2’s in our home and one Apple TV. Netflix loads fine on the Apple TV but we cannot get it to load on either Roku. Not acceptable. I’m not sure who’s to blame, but from my end it sure looks like it’s a Roku problem.

JL Marion NC

Roku player worked fine all day then this evening began doing it’s own thing. Seemed to be caught in a loop. Wouldn’t respond to commands. Unplugged everything and changed batteries in the remote without any improvement. Have not found the answer to why this is happening on line either. We are hard wired so we know it’s not interferance. Any ideas?

Abby NY

Just tried this suggestion and it seems to have worked….
Unplugged the Roku plug. Removed the batteries from the remote. Replugged the roku and returned the batteries.
It works now.


The 11/15 firmware update causes the Roku player to freeze to the point where it needs to be hard reset.
This happens at least once per viewing session. I would prefer fewer features and better performance.
BTW, the hulu interface is pretty bad – looks great, but big, slow, and doesn’t share its content with the roku search interface well – it was also having freezing problems, but at least you could exit out to the home page.
Now, you can’t even correct that.

daisyq St Louis MO

I have a ROKU 2 that has been working perfectly until yesterday. I have had it since January 2015. I checked my internet connection speed, restarted the ROKU…unplugged it and let it cool down for about 30 minutes, plugged it back in and still won’t load anything…not even a 1-minute video. Anyone out there know why this might be happening and how to fix it?

Travis C.

I received my Roku XDS today, and I cannot for the life of me, get Netflix to start. I have removed and re-installed the channel. I have power cycled the device. I even tried removing all the registered devices on my Netflix account and only registering the Roku box, however every time I try to load Netflix, it gets to “Retrieving…”” and then exits back to the home screen. Anybody else see this before?”

Stacy San Antonio TX

We purchased an Angry Birds version of Roku to replace our first Roku. It has worked well for about a year and now the streming is awful. The pictures appear “fractured” and no matter which site we are using there is a regular return to the upload page which is really frustrating. I can stream on my computer and iPad without problems.


Hello everyone,

I have been having this issue for over a week now. I recently bought a roku 4 and recently, Hulu videos won’t load. The green bar appears but it takes so long to load, it eventually “times out”. For now I have been using Chrome Cast, to stream from the Hulu desktop website to my TV. Has anyone had similar issues and if so, does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you!

Santa Nista

Rec’d a roku 3 and roku 1 for Christmas last yr. The roku 3 lasted almost 4 months. Then it locked on 1 screen and remote had no affect on it. Thought it was the remotes’ batteries and changed them. Still no affect? Unplugged and plugged in the roku 3 box and then all we got was a no signal screen. Tried the reset button on the back, still nothing??? Plugged in the roku 1, using the same power cord and wireless connection and works fine. Would still like to get the roku 3 back up and running. Any suggestions??? Deceased 4/21/14.. almost 4 months of service.


I am having gravelly sound from streaming hulu+ through my Roku HD, it is fine and then all of a sudden the sound starts crackling and making whatever I am watching impossible to hear. I have hadf my Roku for almost a month, it’s is hooked up to a Sanyo LCD television with HDMI. Do you have any ideas why I am having sound issues?