Beatrice Heath Moorestown NJ

I own a roku 2XD serial# 12g2CW017915 version 7.0 build 9044.lately I have been having trouble with it .I am not sure what the problem is but it seem to freeze up especially on Netflix. I have complained to them but with no feedback from them. If I turn the tv off and restart roku it clears up until it goes to the next showing Then it won’t move. I have changed the batteries and put new ones in the remote but that does not help . This is my second Roku so it’s not like I am new to this but I find it very upsetting for it to freeze up in the middle of a movie. What can be the problem and can you fix it?


On my Roku 3 the “My Channels” screen is blank until I toggle down to the next option and then back up to My Channels. At that point, all of my channels show up. Any suggestions?

Carol H San Rafael CA

In the last 2 weeks my Roku 2 has started doing strange things – it freezes, sometimes the sound still works, then it just reboots to the ROKU logo and I start all over. I literally can’t watch anything for more than a few minutes without it shutting itself off! This is really annoying! Until now I haven’t had hardly any problems with it but now it’s basically useless! What can I do besides buy a new one? I’m really hesitant about doing that since I’m afraid it will just have all the same bugs!


I have 2 of the newer Roku 2 with the faster processor. The You Tube channel was working great up until 2 weeks ago. Now I can’t even get the channel to re-load on the boxes. I can’t even update a channel that won’t load from the network in the first place. It gets to 88 percent and then just stops loading. But it says my software is up to date. I want You Tube back. I contacted Roku and Google customer service and I got nowhere. I don’t think they are addressing the problem. I don’t think I’m the only one this happened to. Does anyone know what I should do now? Thanks!

Luke Dyson Granby ma

I woke up to my TV being on and the bouncing Roku icon. Thought nothing of it because I had to go to work. Get home and the roomie is trying to troubleshoot why the roku screen is stuck. Repeatably, applying power to the roku 2, on HDMI or composite causes my television to turn on. I don’t really care so much about this because I can power it down and not have this issue. The problem is the roku is not responding to anything and simply hangs at this bouncing screen. Anyone have a similar issue with roku 2? I’ve tried hard reset and removing battery from remote. Going to try new remote batteries soon.