Been There Done That

I’m going to address a few of the issues that are listed below over the past 10 to 14 days. These are not in-depth explanations, just a brief introduction to get you started.

Netflix problems

Have your ROKU turned on and connected to the Internet. Use the following key sequence on your remote. HOME 5X, UP 1X, REWIND 2X AND FASTFORWARD 2X. this may get your Netflix issues resolved.

Here is a link to additional key sequences.
Roku Secrets

Internet connection issues

On the opening screen, move down the left side and select SETTINGS. Move to the right to NETWORK and select it. Move to the right and select WIRELESS CONNECTIONS. Lastly, moved to the right and select UPDATE CONNECTIONS. This may correct your connection issues. You can see to also START NEW CONNECTION, but be aware that this is like a full factory reset. If you use this setting, you will have to re-enter all of your ROKU and channel information again.

As to some of the other problems listed in other postings, all I can tell you is to do some more research, these various strange problems seem to strike intermittently. It seems like everybody has some strange issue that no one can assist to fix.

All I can suggest is to do more Internet searches for your specific problem. If you are willing to type back and forth, you can contact ROKU chat and attempt to resolve your problem. So have either your ROKU serial number or your account information available when you contact them. Most of the time people seem to not be satisfied with ROKU support.

Good luck with your ROKU issues.

Stephen Bosley Groton NY

Just Bought a Roku 2XD. I am getting blinking screen in goes dark then comes back on then it will blink purple in the screen when watching a show I.E. Netflix or news channels. I am using a ubee router/modem; speed good from network 18.23MBps download 2.06MBps upload. Had the tech look at it today Case 2289359. He suggested switch around the HDMI cable then go out and buy a new one. I am running directly into a LCD digital Monitor with an HDMI port Not a TV. What this means is that it is only the signal getting to the screen itself no other technology interfering with the ROKU. I have just replace another brand new HDMI cable and found that it is doing the same thing. This tells me it is leaning more to Roku then to any other part of the system. (Theory) the signal from the website converting it to wifi shows there are bandwidth splitting at Roku’s end during peak period (almost 90% of the time). In short they do not have enough bandwidth for there new roku devices they are selling to their customers. I would like direct confirmation on my Theory no side stepping or bypassing the direct statement. I would also like a time frame of when this will be fixed. If you can not provide me one, then I would like to send the unit back since you can’t determine your own system requirement. Thank you.

Tom K.

I have various Roku models. Recently one of them (the N1101, XR) has started crashing every time I try to use Pandora.

I have done a factory reset, removed the Pandora channel and put it back. It shows the Pandora splash screen, then “Retrieving,” then my Pandora station list, then shuts down the Roku, then the Roku restarts. I can go to Pandora again and again and enjoy the same experience.

Could it be that there have been recent changes to the Pandora channel that would prevent the XR from accessing it?

For the record, the other Roku units in this house (all working fine with Pandora) are an XD and an LT.

Max Newby GA

Purchased a Roku2 this afternoon and will be taking it back tomorrow. Never could get it to connect to my wireless network. My laptop and iPad connects with no problem. The error message kept saying I had input the wrong security key so I finally re-set my router (at the reps advice), which deleted the password requirement. Now Roku says it can’t find any wireless signal from any router. My finger is tired from re-setting and un-plugging.

Rajeev Bharol

Doesn’t work.
I just bought a brand new ROKU2 top model with gaming feature.
I just does not work. It showed me a channel initially but now nothing. Not even channel store.
Sometimes it complains about the network connection but when I go to settings, it shows connection is OK. It is a wireless connection.
Infact my laptop sitting right next to the box is getting good signal so it is not my internet connection.
What could it be? Should I return it back to the manufacturer? I bought it from Costco.

Kevin Sweeney Grand Junctio CO

My brand new Roku XDS sometimes slows to a crawl, and more recently simply wont connect to my wireless network. I have an approved D-Link wireless router and several other devices, a laptop, a Panasonic TV, a Droid, a Samsung Blu-ray player etc, that all connect reliably to the same wireless network. The responses I get from Roku are canned and dont work. I really cant believe these devices are so popular when the wireless function is so not ready for prime time.


My Roku has been working fine up until last night (4/1/2012). All of a sudden Netflix movies would not load and even Crackle wouldn’t load movies. I tested Netflix on my X-box and it works fine on that so the problem is with the Roku. What is going on and how do I fix it?


I have all of my channels but I only have sound on Netflix??? My Roku is connected to my tv via an HDMI cable and my ONKYO home theater is connected to my TV via an optical cable. Audio setting on Roku is 5.1. Any thoughts??