I’m still having the same issue with a Roku stick. When it first happened a few days ago, I “fixed” it by resetting my tv audio to factory settings and then turning TV off/on. Now nothing works to get sound back. Sorry to see others having this issue, but glad to know it isn’t just me. Very frustrating because I’ve been on the official Roku site and have not seen anything about this issue. Fingers crossed our sound comes back soon.

Mary Huntley

As usual, Roku is not streaming Netflix properly. But everything is fine on my iPad. I really hate Roku and will never recommend it to anyone.
I get 2-3 days where it works and then 1-2 where is is absolutely useless.
BIG WASTE OF MONEY and TIME…don’t buy one!!!


Was watching a series on Netflix via Roku tonight and on the 4th episode I suddenly got an error message saying it can’t load the program and to try later. WTF?? Tried a movie and another series in Netflix and got the same message. Amazon and every other channel works fine. So is it Netflix or Roku??


Wow, talk about pissed off customers. This is really a bad time for Netflix to go down. Especially how the Roku box handles it …”cant make connection””…and it causes problems with other apps/channels. I rebooted everything with no luck only to find it’s a problem with Amazon Cloud Services. This really makes Roku look bad…especially on Christmas Eve when many new customers want to cuddle up to a movie. Hope it’s up by late tonight. “

Alfred E Newman

Angry can’t describe it. ROKU pushed new firmware (the OS7) into our players. I have three of players which had been reliable prior to OS7 build 9037. Now my ROKU_s spontaneously reboot, or freeze, or stream audio but not video. Like I said, I have three and all worked fine until they push this crap defective firmware upgrade onto my players. I have called them, have written them, I have used chat window text support. They won’t admit to the problems this OS7 created. They refuse to down grade us to the previous firmware. They say they can’ but that is BULL. Can’t means WON’T. They want us to help them trouble shoot this for them. They want to pretend this isn’t happening to buy time to try and fix it. Downgrading us is embarassing to them, but I don’t care, they broke my 3 roku players and they had better fix them before we all get a class action lawyer on their a$$es.


I’ve been using a Roku2 XD for about a year without issue. Now the Roku won’t power up, no light comes on, no power. Roku support had me reset the unit a few times but still, no power. I tested the electrical adapter and it is putting out 5.3 volts DC like it is supposed to. Roku’s suggestion is to buy a new one. I’m very hesitant to spend another $70 with no guarantee the next unit will last any longer and I haven’t been able to talk with anyone at Roku that has the authority to issue a replacement unit even though mine has passed the 90 day warranty period. When I call Roku I am talking with a call center employee in the Philippines. Does anyone have any advise how to get my unit to power up or how to reach a Roku customer service representative here in the US?

Karin Obrien Willow grove Pa

Having problem with YouTube. i get the audio of a past YouTube video with a black screen. I use the back arrow and the audio stops nothing else happens. I go back to home and I get all the other options. I rebooted the tv. Let sit and try again. Nothing changes and that same audio starts again on a black screen. Help!!

Jared walker Sevierville Tn

Netflix not loading passed the retrieving page on my roku 2 . Netflix is working fine on all other devices running off the same wifi. I have reset, unloaded and reloaded Netflix. Unplugged the unit from power and hdmi. I’ve done everything but a factory reset. Help and thanks

Reconsidering Roku

I to am having the problem with the blank screen. Have checked hdmi cable. Tries wired and wireless, however problem persist. Roku support has been of no help. I was planning to purchase 2 new boxes. However, do to the current issues… i am reconsidering.

Woodrow Rabey

I purchased the ROKU 2 XD model# 3050X, Oct. 2011, satisfactory untill Feb. 16,2012, then the nightmare began. The Netflix channel and browser page would come up but would not retrieve any movie or program choices. I was in contact with Netflix, ROKU and my internet Tech’s on several occassions, one afternoon spent 4.5hrs going back and forth between the three. Did the step by step diagn. procedure serveral times, ROKU tech. said I needed to connect a ethernet cable, I live in rual Idaho sixty miles round trip to electronics store, purchased cable during next trip into town got home no port on unit to plug into. Still no Netflix!!!


We have two Roku 3’s – one we bought back in 2013 and the other one we bought in May of this year. Both stopped working on November 18, 2014. Neither will connect to the network. Tried everything even a factory reset and still receiving the same message. Signal strength is strong but we went ahead and reset both modem and router. Signal strength still strong, and internet speed is above 40mbps. Now it is Friday, November 21 and both Roku’s are still not working! So what the heck happened Roku? We bought a 3rd Roku 3 in October – are all 3 going to have to be returned now??