Jim Menifee CA

I love Roku. We use it every night and have installed a number of them for my senior neighbors and in my home.

Yesterday, I purchased and installed the new Roku 4, for me not my neighbors.

Everything installed correctly and working perfectly except for the 4K (10-bit) Display.

My TV is Samsung’s SUHD78JS9500 which is a 10-bit panel.

When trying to connect to the 4K (10-bit) Display, the screen goes black, an error message pops up stating I need to connect to a source (which it is). Eventually, another message comes up stating a 4K (10-bit) TV is needed which it is.

Is there a bug in the Roku system right now or do I need to exchange this 4 for another?

Ted Williams

First, it is difficult to get any Roku channels. When I do get what I am looking for, the channel shuts off in the middle of a program. It says it is loading and please wait. The program I am was watching never does reload.


Wow, I came here ’cause I’m having remote problems. Now I feel lucky that my unit works as well as it does. No problems connecting or getting Glenn most of the time. I can’t watch “The Hiding Place” movie but I can see his episode every day. The sound not matching the action problem went away after about a week. Each time it happened we’d go back and restart the program.

Will B. Dallas TX

My brand new Roku XDS sometimes slows to a crawl, and more recently simply wont connect to my wireless network. I have an approved D-Link wireless router and several other devices, a laptop, a Panasonic TV, a Droid, a Samsung Blu-ray player etc, that all connect reliably to the same wireless network. The responses I get from Roku are canned and dont work. I really cant believe these devices are so popular when the wireless function is so not ready for prime time.

w0197570 Plano TX

I own several Roku models. I bought a Roku 2 last year and have been pretty pleased with it. I wanted to use the headphone functions and purchased a Roku 3 a couple of weeks ago. The Roku 3 locks up quite a bit. It continues to stream but the remote is totally non-functional I find myself having to reboot it several times a day.