Ticked off Customer

not going to read 10 pages of the same thing, I just spent $100 on a piece of crap. like everyone else, it worked fine for about a month but now overheats and shuts down. I have rebooted it now 3 times and it had no sound 2 times and now wont even come back on… why did you have to go so freaking cheap roku, this will be the death of you as people flee your cheap ass uselss crap that cost way too much anyways.. you was on to something great, but like so many failed corporations… you got cheap and put out a sub par product that does not even work.


I have a Roku 2 XD and recently, while trying to scroll through my saved Netflix queue, it (the remote) will advance/click maybe 3 to 10 titles forward then freezes and will not forward, or anything else, for that matter, just freezes everything, and you are done, as staring at a frozen screen for longer than 5 minutes just makes you, A. bored shitless, and B. Stupid for thinking that somehow it would magically “Fix” itself. I’ve tried unplugging the Roku for up to 5 minutes, then going thru the motions as it fires itself back up again, only to have it “Stick/Freeze” all over again. Anybody have a solution? Thanks!


I have a Roku 3 that will no longer open the NETFLIX app. I press the remote and nothing happens. Hulu, Amazon Prime, and all other apps work fine, but the Netflix app won’t open. I installed a Micro SD card, but that didin’t help. I restarted and re-set the Roku 3 but that didn’t help either. What is wrong?

James Kapherr

Hi guys

Got a bit of a weird problem.

I have the following setup:

BT Infinity 2 (78Mbit / 19.5Mbit sync speed)
BT Home Hub 5 (Type A) | Software version | Last updated 20/02/14
BT YouView Vision Box
Roku 3 Media Streamer
Media Center PC
Desktop PC
2 x Nexus 5 Mobiles
1 x Hudl Tablet

My network uses 2 x TP-Link Gigabit Switches to handle traffic from the devices, so they have a Gigabit connection. This setup has worked fine for months.

I have had a Netflix account since November last year and used it with the Roku 3 since then – no issues.
About 2 weeks ago, it stopped working with Roku 3 and the Netflix app.
It works fine via all the other devices – but Roku can send their app traffic over a different CDN – and they suggest we change DNS on the router to see if that resolves the issue. As you can imagine, the Home Hub 5 is locked down so I cannot do that, and the Roku does not allow you to change DNS itself. Stumped.

The error I get is as follows:

“Couldn’t connect to Netflix. Please try again or restart your home network and streaming device. For more information, visit netflix.com/nethelp. Code: nw-2-5”

Netflix Server 1 = OK
Netflix Server 2 (nw-2-5) = Failed
Netflix Server 3 (nw-2-5) = Failed
Internet Connection = OK

I have tried factory resetting the Home Hub 5 and factory resetting the Roku box. None of it fixes it.
I have ‘signed out’ of all devices on the Netflix homepage.

I get the error “Couldn’t connect to Netflix. Please try again or restart your home network and streaming device. For more information, visit netflix.com/nethelp. Code: nw-2-5”

This is before it even logs into the service.

http://downrightnow.com/netflix = shows no issues.

Roku and Netflix say it is my ISPs problem with their routing. I am going to jump the gun and say you will say it is their issue. End of the day, there is an issue and I cannot troubleshoot it due to a locked down router and Roku box.

Netflix use LibSyn’s content delivery network for their streaming, so I cannot provide traces etc.

As I said before, Netflix works fine on all the devices other than the Roku Netflix application.

I have now tried with a TG589vn v3 router, where I can use a different DNS from BTs.
If I use OpenDNS, Netflix on the Roku works. Was working perfectly for 2 weeks. I now removed the OpenDNS servers and set it back to BT’s DNS – guess what? Fails to connect.

It is an issue with BT’s DNS but I am going to go around in circles over this as BT will blame Roku, Roku will blame BT – even though I have proved it to the BT DNS

I called BT and they won’t accept it as their issue and said I need to talk to Roku/Netflix.


I have had this roku for 1 week. I thought it was great…however It has froze up once, stopped in the middle of a movie and had to be restarted and then today it kept saying it couldn’t connect to my wireless. I had to do a hard reset and unplug it then completely set it up again!! Very frustrating!

Patricia Biernat Lacey Wa

I have 2 roku players. Every day when I turn on the tv I have to un plug whichever player I want and plug back in. If I do not recycle remote controll is not able to select programs. I cannot move the box anyplace I cannot select anything including home. Once I unplug and plug back in it works. This has been happening for a couple of weeks.

Joe S. River Forest IL

My story is similar to others I have read. Bought a Roku XD about a year ago and it worked great. We have Comcast cabled internet and the signal to the Roku box is sent wirelessly from a Linksys E1000 router that sits about 12 feet from the Roku box. About 30 days ago (beginning of February 2012), the Netflix content would not play or would play only intermittently. Spent about 4 hours online and on the phone with Roku support. Did the factory reset, reset my wirelss router settings, etc. Finally shipped the unit back to Roku (at my own expense) and they sent me a refurbished unit that is experiencing the identical problem. Not sure if this is a Roku problem or a Netflix issue. Either way is really pisses me off and now the device is useless. I may buy a new Roku unit to see if that solves the problem. Very frustrating and time consuming for what is now a $50 device. Might also but a Sony player to see if that works any better. All the same features with good Japanese engineering.

M. Wlliams

Okay, I can’t connect my Roku. I spent 1.5 hrs with a Verizon rep who finally suggested it was the Roku unit itself. The Roku recognizes my network, even shows the Roku screen on my tv, connects to my wireless network, connects to my local network, but for some reason cannot connect to the internet. After countless attempts at connecting & disconnecting Roku, inputting wireless wep code, etc, I was told that I would need to get an ethernet cord and connect directly to Roku unit – so that Roku would recognize my internet. Well, I find this dubious at best, and I have decided to return the Roku today. Not worth the money, Roku has a lot of problems. DO NOT BUY.


I have a Roku streaming stick and I switched internet companies a few days ago. My house decided to go without cable TV and just have two Rokus. My roommate is basically glued to Netflix on the other one and I don’t know if that’s why suddenly mine wouldn’t load any of the channels (we have plenty of bandwidth), but I gave up and tried a factory reset. I was able to pick a language but then it froze when I tried choosing a network. When I restarted it, it said it was looking for software updates but then it couldn’t find a network connection. The two options it gives me after that are “check network connection” and “cancel”, both of which result in a blank screen. Nothing happens! Any ideas?


My problem with my Roku is when I’m changing channels, using the arrow buttons its almost like it gets stuck and continues to change the channels on its own, I have to disconnect the power to clear it and start it up again. I don’t know if this is remote issue or a issue with the Roku box. Has anyone else has this problem?


My roku does not load the nba app effectively. I have to wait a great amount of time for it to actually to stream? I hear a lot of people seem to have this problem. Is there anything you guys are doing to try and solve it?

Cindy Crocker Plano Tx

I bought the ruko gaming remote for xd3050x from amazon. I wanted it so I could play games. I followed directions and set it up. It worked fine for about an hour then the screen was frozen and nothing would work. I tried reseting removing battries, turning the roku off nothing works. I had to use my old r3m8te again.


Pink Screen. I am getting a pink screen with the words “content disabled” on a pink background. i can still here the audio. this happens to all my channels, so when i unplug the roku 3 and wait 30 seconds, at least, it goes away and works normally except then when i then go to youtube, highlight youtube and click “ok” i get a totally blank screen, all my other channels work. the next night the whole process repeats. Any ideas would be helpful! thanks!


the display on my roku is slightly skewed diagonally. slightly higher on the right side than the left. this only happens with the roku plugged in, not any other peripheral.

why can’t I adjust the display settings in a little more detail beyond just choosing resolution?