josh spokane valley Washington

I have 3 streaming sticks and xd and 2 roku 2s and I have problems with all of them except I stick and one 2. I have one that just stays at the roku screen. One that plays for 15 minutes and turns itself off. And 2 that power up but will not put out a video signal. Very frustrated with the problems I am having. I have comcast Internet and get a wireless ookla speed test on around 50 so it’s not the speed. What do u do here?? Sick of these problems.

Jason Brothers Cincinnati OH

I’ve had the Roku 3 for about 6 months now, and almost immediately after I bought it I would lose video. In its place I would receive a blue screen with “HDCP unauthorized. Content disabled”. I had heard this was due to an HDMI cable issue, but I have tried three different cables with the same results. I found that if I change the display setting it will fix the problem for a little while, but eventually I always lose video and get the blue screen again. Is this a broken Roku thing, or is there something else. I don’t feel I should have to constantly change the display settings to get it to work again.

alex p daly city ca

loading/buffering issues w/ roku xd hd box. have had the box since nov 2011 and just recently have been experiecing loading issues where it takes much longer to load and cycles in and out of loading, which can obviously get real annoying. mind you, the wireless router, which has not change sits literally 9 feet from the box and has been confirmed to have no issues as loading hulu and neflix on a laptop has no issues.

ive read of compatability issues w/ certain routers w/ the roku box which is ridiculous.
so far what ive done to try to combat this issue is cycle the box several times including the router but still no success.

has roku addressed/has a solution to these loading issues. reading this forum it appears im not alone here. loved the box until just recently and its a shame after less than a year the box isnt working as intended


Hi There Roku Users!

This is our second Roku box; the company could not figure out why our videos were shown only in fuschia pink and green–no other colors. We are mystified. Everything works fine re: connecting but the colors are disconcerting. Any ideas to solve the problem would be most welcome! We use an HDMI cable. Could that be the problem?

Coppery Elf Gilbert AZ

Netflix is no longer loading on my Roku… just shows “retrieving” for about 20 sec and then returns to the Roku home menu. I removed the Netflix channel and re-added it but the problem persists. I do not have problems with other channels on the Roku… Amazon, NBC News, Crackle, etc. all work fine. Also, I don’t have any problems accessing Netflix from a laptop. Haven’t had any problems with this Roku until a few days ago. Wonder if it’s just old and needs to be replaced… it’s got to be 5 years old.


This has been a problem for three days… ever since I saw Roku do an upgrade to MLBTV. I can see the MLB menu, I can select any game. But when I select a game, my only option is to listen on the radio stream. There is no place to select the broadcast I want to see. I have a Fire TV from Amazon, and it works fine. I have rebooted Roku. I’ve logged out of MLBTV and back in. I deleted MLBTV, then reinstalled. Any ideas?


I have a ROKU 3, the menu is normal, I select the Netflix app, which is normal. I select a movie to watch and the audio begins but the screen shows a pink screen that says “Unable to Access”. I thought maybe there was just a problem with Netflix, but I tried the Crackle App and it does the same thing, there is audio but a pink screen that says “Unable to Access”.
Can anybody tell me what is wrong with this? Please and Thank You. Muchly Appreciated.