I’ve had my Roku for about a year and for about the last 6 months it will freeze and just out of the blue restart itself. It’s very frustrating or if it doesn’t restart itself it will just freeze up and I will have to unplug it and restart it before it will play anything.


Bought roku 6 weeks ago —- it crawls —- everything was great at first —- not there is no pep or coordination between th remote and screen … What a piece of crap — got me !!!

John Scott Mt. Morris Illinois

Have had a Roku XR for a year and half and never a problem. Although I think the response time to inputs has gotten significantly longer. Last straw was when I started getting a green screen and no response from Roku XR. The only solution was to unplug and re boot or sometimes disconnecting the HDMI cable and re connecting. Never happened for months using same TV and cable. Now all a sudden nothing seems to fix it. This appears to be a on again off again issue with Roku. My guess would be a firmware issue but then again could easily be a weakened hardware problem too. I was impressed with Roku at first, but I am far less impressed anymore. I doubt I will buy another receiver from them.


My Roku 2 XS model 3100X started to hang up too. I got it as a gift at Christmas 2011 and it has worked well. In fact, I was like the posted child for Roku! I should get a commission! All of a sudden, not so much. I have noticed other people seem to say that it was around November 18 that theirs started to act up, and now that I think about it, that is about the time I noticed it as well. I contacted Roku (lack of) support and all they could tell me is check your internet speed. It has been working fine, and so is everything else on my network. It has been suggested that I roll back the software. Is that the solution? Won’t it just update again tomorrow? I just bought my wife the streaming stick. Am I gonna have problems with it as well? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated, ‘cause it looks like Roku isn’t going to help. Do I need to by an Apple? Not my first choice, as I am not a fan of Apple. Does anyone send any of these to Roku? Thanks!

Uncle Melty

Looks like I am not only loser who has a problem with this POS called ROKU. Having a problem with it’s Wi Fi. When connect via ethernet. No problem there. Thinking about breaking it apart and take a look at it inside before throwing it out and getting ROKU 3 with 2, maybe four years warranty. This is made in China and has to have a good warranty.

Chanda Wills Karnack Texas

My Roku loses audio off and on .. it goes way down low then comes back loud then goes down so low it cant be heard.Picture is fine and TV sound is fine on regular channels but seems to occur on Netflix to the point I can’t watch even 10 minutes. Pandora streams fine but sometimes fuzzy if loud . Where do I start !!?

Mike Davis Seattl WA

Im about 2 months into my insanity. Weve had our Roku boxes (one XD and one XDS) for about 8 months. Two months ago Netflix started messing up. Wed navigate to a movie we wanted to watch, click on it, get the screen with the “play” option and rating stars, click on play and go the screen with the progress bar. The bar will start for about a 10th of the way, then it jumps back to the previous screen with the play option. Other channels on Roku that stream videos seem to work. Ive spent hours on the phone with the Roku support people in Pakistan or India, wherever they are. Theyre very nice, and keep telling me to do the same things over and over even though I tell them weve tried that and it doesnt work. Finally called Netflix who simply said that sometimes with a wireless network signal bounce around. Its totally frustrating and our Roku boxes may get donated to a thrift store real soon.


Roku 3/just recently purchased. Internet through Uverse.

Netflix and PBS stream great. Amazon barely works and Hulu Plus never starts streaming.

Wireless signal is “Excellent” rebooted Roku and Router numerous times. Everything streamed great until a few weeks ago.

John A Atlanta ga

I believe that there was a software “upgrade”” around 3/17 -3/19 that caused the firmware to be unable to load selected channels. I wil try resetting and reloading my channels. What an incompetent move by ROKU. I hate these know it all Bay Area tech co.s that are always trying to show-off their programming skills yet issuing buggy crappy software and lousy customer service. “


Roku 3 is driving me crazy ! Sometimes it changes channel by itself, sometimes it goes back by itself to the home screen…I put on a channel goes back to home screen after couple of seconds and it does it again and again and again until I’m fed up and I turn it off all together. It is as if it’s possessed. I’m I the only one having this problem ?

Bill Groves edgewater park nj

ok my Roku does work how ever when i go to my plex account to watch a movie or a show it just says loading know i just got a new modem from xfinity and the wi-fi router i have is a linsky e1000 and they are both hooked up because if i disconnect the linsky the roku doesnt work at all it says its all connected but none of the sites i have on the roku will connect…so what Im asking is my wi-fi router to slow for the roku or to i have to rewire the xfinity modem or do i have to call comcast…..please help my email is


I have had Roku before and got a new XD when I relocated…worked fine but now it refuses to connect. just get a no signal. and for the week previously, it would just go to a pink screen…still could hear the voices, but no picture.


my roku wont finish loading…worked fine one day and the next it didnt it starts to load and then says it is taking longer to load then expected and to check your internet connection…but my internet connection is fine..any suggestions?


I got a Roku 2500X and it doesn’t work with Pandora. I contacted Roku’s support. The had me reload the latest firmware, which it was already on it. It didn’t help at all. Roku’s tech said I had to contact Pandora about it. Though Pandora is working fine in all other type of devices I have, my home theater system, iPad, PC, but not in this Roku 2500X.
The app running in Roku says that it was developed by Roku, they should be troubleshooting the issue. Roku’s support was not helpful.