Hi guys, anyone can help me with a problem? I have Roku 2 player for years and hasn ever experienced any problems streaming channels. Like a week ago I decided to get a free trial of HBO Now to watch GoT new season and still I am not able to do it( So go to hbo now app, it shows all the movies, shows etc, I choose Game of Thrones and then it starts… so every time I press OK to start watching it first few seconds everything looks fine, I see a sign of hbo and about adult content and so on, but when it’s time for a video to start , it crashes, the screen becomes snowy grey like on Tv when there is no channel though I can hear the sound, just no video.. weird… and I can’t even go back to the menu, I press ‘back ‘ button or ‘home’ button and I hear the click like it goes back but nothing happens on the screen. So I have to turn off the tv for a minute or so, then I turn it on and see roku homescreen. This thing happens only when I try to watch GoT or any other movie on HBO NOW, but I was able to watch some random cartoon on this channel for a long time and everything was perfect. My TV is working fine, and just like I said, I don’t have any problems with any other channel on Roku. Any ideas what I should do? Thank you

R.N in Texas

Rec’d a Roku 3 and a Roku 1 last Christmas. The Roku 3 lasted for almost 4 months and died! Plugged in the Roku 1 and it lasted almost 1 month and it died. We only use it for a few hrs. in the morning on Pandora and a few hrs at night???? If overheating is what causes these to die, then they need a heat sink or a fan installed to keep them cool. or how about an actual off switch, so it won’t be on 24/7. Fortunately Roku is working with me on this problem, hope it gets cured soon. We do like its ease of use just wish it would last longer.

David Rittenhouse

Our first generation Roku begins flashing white while streaming programs or movies. It becomes more frequent and faces become distorted until we stop the program and unplug the Roku. We can plug it back in after a minute or two and continue watching, and it is okay. It is becoming worse (we can’t get through a 40 minute program without resetting at least once.) Is there a solution for this or is it time to buy a new Roku?

Judi Gibbs

Every 60 sec or so we get the 25% circle which seems to take forever to end. Thought I’d try to find solution and now I see that this problem is nothing compared to others. We thought ROKU was so easy to install …….since we are old and very tech stupid. Can anyone just give a simple explanation to help us with OUR problem?


I haven’t even got my Roku yet. It’s supposed to arriver in a couple of days. I started reading reviews and it seems like LOTS of people are having the exact same problems. Either the remote is becoming unsynched, or the box itself gets the Red Ring of Death overheating issue the XBOX 360 did. Even people who were initially impressed with the device had it fail out of nowhere after the short warranty runs out. At this point I don’t know if I’ll even bother taking it out of the box before returning it because I don’t want to be one of those people that gets screwed after warranty.

Joe P.

I have a Roku3 – I request an update – then do a restart and the problem happens — I am sitting on the home page with all the channels — I did not press anything — a couple minutes later, a video trailer for “Derek” was playing in the background — but I could not see anything — I can only hear it ,, At first I had no idea it was a Netflix video trailer — once I realized that — I pressed on the Netflix channel and could see the Derek trailer still playing

it doesn’t happen every time – but it continues to happen

Matt G. Brigh IN

I bought my Roku player in January of 2010. It has worked great until last week. The player no longer finds any wireless network…. none. I go through the setup process and when I select “wireless” as my connection option I see no networks. I always see mine, my neighbors and another network but now see nothing. After about 30 seconds the player resets. Called customer service and did all of the resets and wired connection but still no help. The customer service rep asked for my email address but said he could not verify my account and when I gave him the order number off of my invoice he said it was not a valid number. I ordered this player from Roku.com and they cannot verify it?? I love this player but they shafted me and I just cant bring myself to order another one from them. The customer service rep had very poor english and was very frustrating to talk to.


I’ve had my Roku 2XS since they came out. For the last 2 days it won’t go past the “dancing ROKU letters” screen. I’ve tried both the soft-reset (button on the back) and a hard reset (unplug all except power, hold the reset button for 15 sec. and unplug power while holding down the reset button) and it still won’t boot. Is it bricked or what – any way to fix this?

Mary Withrow Huntington WV

First it said it could not find my signal, spent all night, reset, reset and finally got it to work but movies are loading slow or not at all. (I have had my Roku for two years and thought maybe it just died) Just with the past week or two my Crackle and Plex don’t want to load. I went to Plex (figuring it might be a problem with them, but my logs are fine. Then I decided to watch other channels and realized that none of them want to load or stop loading or can’t even get them to work at all. (This is not all the time) Everything has seemed to slow, buffer, etc – so I went to my cable company, pinged, checked speeds and nothing is wrong. So I decided to check speeds as well, it is not my cable either. I’m hoping I dont have to buy a new Roku already! Do they report problems anywhere?


Netflix no longer comes up on ROKU; however, Amazon, YOUTUBE etc work just fine. Netflix was working just fine until last Sunday 10-11. Now the Netflix logo appears on the screen but will not move to Netflix itself.


The Roku 3 is a POS. Started pulling this crap where it says it’s not connected to the internet. Funny considering everything else that runs on my wi-fi is working and the Roku is ethernetted in. Good luck dealing with the tools in their customer service department.