I just bought a Roku Ultra from Best Buy. The USB port was not working. I exchanged it for another one and this box also had the same problem. I contacted Roku and they told me this was a known problem!! Most likely, all of the new Roku Ultras have the same problem. Roku is trying to fix the problem with a new firmware download but they could not give a date for the fix. It’s deplorable that a company would release its new flagship product without proper and thorough testing!!! Unfortunately, I wasted 4 hours of my life on this problem that should have never happened.


All Roku apps work except Netflix. I get a black screen that says Netflix encountered an error: Restarting in 30 seconds. Repeats. Never get to the login screen. Netflix is dead on my Roku, and the box is not even 30 days old. Out of the return parameters. Netflix/Roku CS ….all terrible. Roku blames Netflix, Netflix blames the ISP and Roku. Neither seems to care about this issue. Netheir seem to talk to each other about these issues.

Nate los angeles ca

Okay its June 10 2013 i have the rpku xs 3. It was workin perfectly till yesterday! I cant connect wifi!!! Okay itconnects but then when i join a channle “hbogos” tw cable ect… it drops it wont stay connected!! Wtf u piece of ยง*&+! Whats going on!! I tried everything its not my router cause i can full log on my ps3 wirelessly… and it connects but fades off roku!!! I called roku and i know these mother fukrz are in a call center in India! Wtf u aholes! So im pissed the F off now im waitinv for my new rokuto arrive and im so pissed ! Damn crap better work! Roku has the crapyest wifi service.. yes it connects va Ethernet cable but my modem to far.. F you roku tech u suck!

Raymond Hendrix Bannin CA

My Roku worked fine for the first 3 months and then it started having problems and finally stopped working altogether (would not connect to my router). After several hours trouble shooting Roku finally agreed to send me another unit. It worked a little better but it too stopped connecting after a few days. This is supposed to be a simple-1-2-3 unit to use but it is now just another headache to our family. I contacted trouble shooting for my Actiontech router and they confirmed that nothing was wrong with it. Everything works fine on the router except Roku. I really do not have anymore time to spend on this so the Roku box is going into the trash. There is a limit.

fed up

I do not recommend this product! yet i still use it because i can’t afford cable. the main problem is that it is never a reliable source. one day it is working fine and then the next day it’s not working at all. this is one of the ‘not working’ days. i am connected to the internet but the channels are taking forever just to load the content. has anyone ever had this issue? usually the problem is that i have to reconnect to the internet. not this time.

i have the basic $60 roku connected by hdmi to my hdtv, i unplugged it, that didn’t help. reset it, now its ‘synchronizing with account’ for the last 20 minutes. this is a piece of crap.


In the last two weeks since Roku has been upgrading their system, Netflix and Hula Plus have been freezing up up while watching shows. Very frustrating. We have tried everything, but eventually just end up turning off the system. Anyone else have similar problems?

Mark Poore Slatyfork WV

I bought a Roku 2 from Sam’s Club about 10 months ago. It keeps saying I don’t have a signal then I will reset it and sometimes that will do the trick and it starts working again, but sometimes not. Right now I am on my laptop with full wireless signal and the Roku box is right next to the laptop and nothing. I have reset in numerous times and still nothing. About ready to go back to cable.

Ed Beckett Milford Oh

Mine is a Roku 2 model from Sam’s. I will take it back if it does not perform better soon. If Roku wants to maintain market share then it best fix the problems. Mine will work for a little while then freeze up then I wait…it will fast forward, then no sound then freeze again. This is not good. Any fixes?


My Roku to started having problems connecting to the Internet this week. Wanted to watch the World Cup on the ESPN app but the Roku loses connection to the Internet within a few minutes of starting the app. Netflix is having the same problem. My Roku 3 and other devices have a strong signal to my Wi-Fi. I tried to update the connection in the settings menu with no success. The only solution is unplugging the Roku two and waiting before plugging it back in. Prom has been occurring for the past three days.

Alfonso Valley Stream NY

I am sometimes unable to watch any WWE Network programming for weeks at a time on any of my Rokus (I have them all over the house: Roku 2’s, Roku 3’s and a 40″ TCL Roku TV.) The WWE Network app moves extremely slow from screen to screen, and whenever I try to play any programming–streaming or on demand–I get the same error message: “Network Error: Please check your network and try again.” As far as I know, my network is just fine. I’ve had technicians from my Internet provider, Optimum, come to my home and check the speeds, and they say everything is fine. And other streaming content, like Netflix, works just fine on my Rokus. WWE Network customer service has been of no help. They just tell me to remove the app, unplug the Roku, then download the app again. That doesn’t work.
What’s strange is that, after several days or weeks, the WWE Network will go back to working just fine, sometimes for weeks at a time. And then I get the error message again, and it’s another several days/weeks of this.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have a Roku 3. When I listen on earphones plugged into the Sony TV the sound is good for a time and then gets soft and distorted. Then I switch the earphones to the remote and the sound is good for awhile. If it too starts to degrade I switch back and it is ok. This makes no sense to me, and is very annoying. Any suggestions?