Ive had a Roku 2 XS since they came out new.

The thing had a problem that, when id watch something like a netflix movie, or amazon, or anything HD, I would have to reset it afterwards or it would crash and restart on the next thing I watched.

It appears in the last year they finally decided that to cure their obvious resource issue/memory leaks that they would no longer let ROKU sit idle in any app, and after a time of being idle, it would bounce out to the main screen again.

Ok… well… so… now when im trying to stream an NHL game ( archived) on the NHL app, it will just dump out to the main roku screen after 5-20 minutes, and ill have to go back into the NHL app, and find where I left off (there is no resume option if you leave the NHL app).

I liked the utility of the roku at first, but the silly memory/resource issues it has had forever would cause me to NOT reccomend it loudly to anyone who is looking to stream.

As it is, I paid $150 for the NHL season, and cannot watch it.

Fix this crap, please.

Tina - Des Moines, Iowa

Watching the new season of the walking dead on the AMC app! It would be awesome if after watching the 2 min of commercials i could see more them 3 min of the walking dead then waiste 10 minutes of watching the roku reboot start the app up again… 2 min of the same commercials, 3 min of the same scenes of the dead to have the roku reboot and start over again. And not to mention lately most of the other apps are giving me the 0066:No account returned from UPDA which no one on the entire Internet has an answer for…. especially Roku, DirectTV is it a joke a coder thru in there?


1. Trying to watch the AMC channel, my Roku will either go back to the menu, or reboot itself.
2. Lately our Roku is running slow, freezing and requiring rebooting at least once every couple of days.
3.YouTube Channel does not work- crashes the system.
4. PBS Channel does not work- crashes the system.
We have Verizon Fios and a Roku 3100x

Ann Finney - Sonoma, California

My roku is older. I’ve noticed that every time I had to moved my television and roku (still connected) I’ve had trouble getting roku to reconnect. I tried every troubleshooting thing I could think of, but this time it won’t come back at all. do I need a new roku or a new remote. Puzzled.