Charles Lano - Greensboro, North Carolina

On several apps with my ROKU 2, randomly will jump back to the home page. It has happened on HGTV, SCIGo, DIY and YouTube to name a few. I happens most frequently around commericals, but can happen anytime. This just started in the last few weeks, after a system update. In looking on the web, this appears to be a wide spread issue. When do you expect a fix? this is very annoying.

M B - Indianapolis , Indiana

8:50 EST Most channels/apps not working. Keeps going back to home screen. As others here have mentioned, this issue is not fixed by system updates. Turning it off/on, unplugging also doesn’t work. I just got the Roku premiere last week and got my channel lineup all set. I really don’t want to do factory reset if I can avoid it.


Channel apps are crashing immediately upon load. I’ve tried deleting them and readding them, but the same problems occur. This happened to me on Hulu, MTV, USA, Bravo, Crackle, etc.