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I bought a ROKU player in April of 2009 and experienced some serious problems about a year later. My experience dealing with the ROKU player and the ROKU support staff irritated me so much I decided to build a website that would allow everyone out there with a similar experience to express their views.

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posted by:
denham Springs, La
My roku 2 box should be wireless but seems not to work. I have a HIMI cable connected from box to tv. The connection
on back has a A/V not connected to anything. The light on box blinks but not working.    respond to this post

posted by:
Worst customer service other than maybe Comca$t.... I spend 40 min waiting for a chat, then 30 min trying to talk to a rep. In 25 min she sent me 7 messages (not including the first) and then when I brought it up she disconnected me.


Below was my chat...

SM - Celle Jane B
Hello Tom. How may I help you?

my roku has not worked properly since the day i bought it.

the first time i turned on my roku it froze up and i had to reboot it. then after messing with it a little bit i was able to load some apps but they have never worked right. its as if the roku has no working memory. netflix would always loose my login and eventually apps would not install at all. then yesterday, netflix would just do a hard reboot of the device everytime you click on the app. Im an IT tech so i uninstalled the netflix app and reinstalled... same problem. I did a hard factory reset, holding down the microswitch in the back of the device and it took half an hour to reboot and locked up on the roku screen like when i first got the device. after power cycling it, i was able to get it to boot but when linking it will not hold the account or download any of the apps...as if there was no working memory.

SM - Celle Jane B
Sorry about that. Let me help me with that. May I have the serial number of your Roku device?


SM - Celle Jane B
Thank you

May i ask what is the last page you see on your screen after you linked your accnt?

i have an empty my channels page

SM - Celle Jane B
Did you Scroll down and click on continue?

yes i went through all the menus and linked it though my browser

SM - Celle Jane B
Kindly unplug your Roku device and plug it back in?

ive done that several times, it loses all its settings and goes back to the first boot language page

SM - Celle Jane B
Can you check your account? Go to your account page

its listed with no name under the linked devices

are you still there

SM - Celle Jane B
Yes I am still here

You rated our customer service as bad.
SM - Celle Jane B
There is no device linked in your account?

it is listed as linked

is there a fix for this? its taken you 25 minutes to send me 7 short messages

SM - Celle Jane B
Thank you for your chat. Feel free to contact us again.

SM - Celle Jane B has closed the chat.    respond to this post

posted by:
my roku stops all together in mid-show. Or spends a lot of time reloading. Every night we have this problem.
   respond to this post

posted by:
Aaron Hagerman
Westland, MI - Michigan
I have so many roku problems. Starting with the remote that goes through periods of total unresponsivness making it as useful as a paper weight. It also freezes all the time and loses connection to the internet. Your product is terrible, I am watching the roku home screen right now because the remote won't work. Please nobody buy this POS!    respond to this post

posted by:
Roku support recommends removing the Netflix channel and then re-adding it.

Kindly follow the below steps to remove and add the channel:
1. From the Roku home screen
2. Select "My Channels"
3. Highlight the Netflix channel
4. Click the Star* button
5. Select remove channel
6. Confirm channel removal
7. Unplug the power cable from the Roku player and after 30 seconds, re-plug it
8. Again select the channel and choose “add channel” to your home screen.

This worked for us. Netflix is working perfectly on our Roku XS once again!    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)

posted by:
Meg Dean
Haverhill, MA
I tried watching Netflix this morning and everyone sounds like they have a cold! I tried a streaming movie and they all sounded weird too! Netflix sounds fine through the PS3, so I know it's a Roku issue...ideas???    respond to this post

posted by:
Michele Paegel
St. Peter , Mn
I was watching a movie on Netflix that needed subtitles so I turned them on. Started the movie and the sound was all messed up. This happened once before a few months ago but seemed to work itself out. The sound is super slow and drags. I turned off the subtitles, nothing changed. I switched the audio and that didn't fix it. I went into a few other channels including Pandora and the sound is bad on each. I did a factory reset but no change. Anyone else have this problem?    respond to this post

posted by:
Netflix wont retrieve video stream on either a 2xd and a 2 while they both used to work perfectly. Bought new router this week, all other channels stream perfectly including amazon. Netflix works perfect on PCs or android apps.

Strangely if I log the roku onto my "guest" wifi account netflix works fine but the roku of course cant see my dlna server for other content. As soon as I log back onto the regular network wifi netflix hangs on "retrieving" stream.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)

posted by:
Teresa Jaynes
Liberty, South Carolina
We fixed our Netflix problem by pushing in the reset button on the back and holding in for 15 seconds. This is supposedly a factory reset (but it still retained "MY CHANNELS" from before the reset).    respond to this post

posted by:
Ritzville, WA
I have a red Angry Birds Roku. It has worked fine for over a year with no issues. Now, for about 10 days - it tells me to unplug for 20 seconds (which I do from the unit, since the power outlet is behind an entire stereo/tv setup) but it does not fix the problem. Every channel works except for NETFLIX. Whose problem is this- Netflix, Roku- what? Netflix does work on the desktop and laptop computer. I am located near Spokane, Wa. and a U.S.A. map currently shows a higher incidence of problems in this area.    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)

posted by:
I'm having the same problem. I get the same alert
Your roku player is unable to complete the requested action. Please try again later. If this problem persists please unplug your player, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in.

This is the message I get every time I try to access a Netflix product. We have unplugged everything. We have reset Roku.

Their site says they are aware of the problem and yet it still isn't working. Sucks    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)

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