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I bought a ROKU player in April of 2009 and experienced some serious problems about a year later. My experience dealing with the ROKU player and the ROKU support staff irritated me so much I decided to build a website that would allow everyone out there with a similar experience to express their views.

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posted by:
, MI
I have a Roku 4, less than a week old. This morning while changing selections, the picture went off. Would not come back on. I unplugged the unit and 10 sec later plugged it in again. It acted like it was going to reset showing the dancing ROKU name, Then there were two displays that I thought were quality selections and then blank. I've reset the router and the modem and unplugged the unit several time. When I unplug the unit, the TV shows "No Signal". When it gets plugged in, the "No Signal" disappears. Cannot connect with Roku Chat Support. Any ideas?    respond to this post

posted by:
I have the same problem! I have the Roku 2, and I am on the latest update (as it DOES update everyday!), but when trying to watch a 90 minute movie, it must have gone to grey screen at least every 5 minutes. It's only for a couple seconds, but how annoying is that, as you are missing dialogue and picture?!? Even when I went through the Roku menu to get to the update button just now, it "greyed out" 3 times!! It might be 10' away from my router, which registers 72mbps on my phone, so it's not for lack of connection! It also sits on a shelf below the tv set, at eye level, but it is certainly cooler than the 88 degree magic mark that I read could be an issue! I've gotta say! I am just about ready to pitch this thing and put a Chromecast on this set as well! I have one on 2 other sets in my house, MUCH further away from the router, and do not have streaming issues on either set.
Roku's time has come and gone already?!    respond to this post

posted by:
Everything works just fine on my Roku up until I'm trying to watch something. The screen is black. The slider on the bottom appears and I can move from one part to the next even showing a screen preview on the slider but nothingness on the rest of the screen. ?????????????    respond to this post

posted by:
I have a Roku2 XD that seems to have an intermittent issue of being able to connect or get a solid connection. Router has been checked out and works just fine. Connection issues only happen when I'm watching a show/movie. What I'm watching will frequently and intermittently have to reload with loading times that get longer and longer. Time of day doesn't seem to be effecting when this happens. I have reset everything and made sure the Roku player has direct line of sight to the router which is only 2 ft. away. I'm concerned the recover in the Roku player is failing. Normally we have to not only unplug the Roku but we have to shut down the router. why is just unplugging the Roku player not working as its very annoying to have to shut down the router every time we gotta reset the Roku.    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)

posted by:
We recently moved across the country and now our Roku 3 isn't working. It works for a few minutes and then the screen will black out for a few seconds, on and off. Eventually, the screen just goes to a gray static. Can we fix this or was the device damaged beyond repair during the move?    respond to this post

posted by:
Orlando Ortiz
I have 2 roku xd2's and one roku TV. The xd's have booth started freezing, requiring a reboot several times a week. This started happening with both around the same time. As far as I can tell this is not an issue with the TV. Any ideas?    respond to this post   (4 responses - view)

posted by:
I still can't connect Facebook to my Roku player and have not been able to for ages. Please fix it!    respond to this post   (1 response - view)

posted by:
Jay Scholz
Rosalia, Washington
I have a Roku 3. Every 15 minutes or so the sound goes off for about 3 seconds then comes back on.

Things stream just fine from my XBox when connected to the same TV.    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)

posted by:
Roku 4 does not work with the Marantz 8802A
It is supposed to work, but it doesn't.
Marantz or Roku have to get a firmware fix out to the public asap.    respond to this post   (2 responses - view)

posted by:
Terry K
I recently purchased a ROKU 1 for an old TV. After installing the ROKU my laptop lost explorer/internet capability. Is this connected to installing the ROKU?    respond to this post

posted by:
Jeff Duncan
Lake George, NY
Yes, since the version 7 update, Roku 3 reboots itself, especially when fast forwarding. Never did this before V7.    respond to this post

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