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What color is this bird? ROKU Problems

Lacey - st paul, Minnesota

My only problem is when I’m watching a TV show on Netflix and the sound is on everything is fine but the screen is black no pictures at all I tried everything such as turning off Roku and my TV I’ve tried turning on a different show and still nothing.

Sara - Fort Worth, Texas

Never had any problems with ROKU until about 3 months ago. My issue is with PBS! I have activated my account, paid the extra membership to get the Masterpiece Theater episodes. Regularly, I am booted off after I have selected the program, goes through the ads then poof it is gone, says no signal. I have a signal it is not reading it! Usually, go through once or twice then works. Tonight, tried to watch Victoria, after four times, I gave up.
What is going on? Anybody know a fix?

James - Leander, Texas

Hulu has always been a thorn in my side on the Roku, but now my ESPN Go app and Disney Jr apps no longer stream properly, they just cut in and out and its frustrating. I have jacked with my network long enough to no avail. I don’t have a bandwidth issue as I have giga-power.


Cannot fully access my account pages, once logged in the PIN & Payment preference details have been deleted & when I try to update them the page crashes with the following message:

“There was an unexpected error in the website. The current page will not load. Close and re-open your browser, navigate back to the website, and try repeating your last actions. If the problem persists, please contact our support team. 
If reporting this error please reference the following url:”

Unfortunately that link dosn’t work either

Deborah - Corning, New York

my Roku says it has no network in muy living room yet works in my bedroom? How can i fix this is my wireless network my cable provider this is crazy…and annoying can somebody help im not tech savy at all and would like to use this roku ive just had it a month!? wth? Its sasying error code 014.11 if that makes azny difference. can i restart it in any way? ugh…:(