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What color is this bird? ROKU Problems

Darren - Virginia Beach, Virginia

HDCP Unauthorized error out of the blue. My TV connected to my Roku Ultra has been streaming successfully for over a year and all of a sudden I get the purple screen. Went through all of the troubleshooting steps recommended online at Roku support site. Also, spoke to Roku troubleshooter on the phone. I noticed in the log that the Roku box updated its software earlier today and when I returned home from work it now doesn’t show my channels’ programs.

Carlos - Dallas, Texas

When I go online to activate my Roku, I get the following error:

There was an unexpected error in the website. The current page will not load. Close and re-open your browser, navigate back to the website, and try repeating your last actions. If the problem persists, please contact our support team.

Nick - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I had older Roku’s and all of them could display pictures from my NAS attached to my router via Roku Media Player. I had to buy new Roku Express + devices because my old ones were no longer supported. Now the new Roku’s using Media Player will only display the thumbnails but will not display the pictures. I cannot find an answer to my problem!

Screaming while streaming - Los Angeles , California

Roku premiere plus.
Samsung 1080p display.

While watching Spectrum, Amz or Nfx, the unit suddenly freezes and reboots on its own.
If I change the advanced display parameters to active, it does not reboot, but it switches down the refreshing rate to 30hz instead of 60hz on most if not all programs, which greatly affects picture quality.
This started in Dec ’17, and still persists.
Unit is up to date with firmware.
Will try different HDMI cable.
Nevertheless, seems Roku has caught the Quicken disease, which is to constantly update to sell new units. We had 2 2XS units and had to get Premieres when we switched to Spectrum.
If anyone solved this, any update would be appreciated.

Angela R Bell - Fairburn , Georgia

I have noticed when I click on YouTube it appears nothing appears until I hit the ^ on my remote. Also the YouTube screen remains dark with only voice until I hit the ^. The timeline remains until I hit the ^. It continues to come back. Please note I used the ^ but any key can be used. This started approximately 1 to 2 weeks ago. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!