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After many years of horrible performance from ROKU (or ROFU as we call them), we decided that it was time for the public to have a forum. There is a lot of negative commentary about ROKU problems on the Internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated on one website.

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What color is this bird? ROKU Problems

Beverly Dalton - Maryville, Tennessee

I have had my roku for several months and it has worked very well. I recently joined Amazon prime and I have watched a few movies on Amazon. Recently when I tried to connect my roku it will not connect. I tried unplugging it and it connected, but the next time I tried too watch a movie it would not connect so I unplugged again but this time it did not work. It keeps going back and forth between my regular tv and the roku without staying on either one for more than a few seconds.

Charlie - Cedartown, Georgia

I just purchase a subscription to OAN channel. All I get on the screen is retrieving data or some such. I have left the channel on for 30 minutes or more and same thing.
I have an old ROKU XD 2050. It plays CRACKLE movies and other channels just fine.

Bob - Buckhannon, West Virginia

We have had our Roku for about a year. Last night (5-19-2017) was our first problem. During channel surfing it lost network communications. The issue was resolved by disconnecting and reconnecting . it then reestablished network connectivity. Has anyone else experience this issue?

Hope Krauel - Jefferson City, Tennessee

I cannot watch ID Go anymore. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it a couple of times and when I try to load it my Roku goes back to the main screen so I cant watch it anymore. What is up with that? I have noticed it does that on certain shows i watch. Should i do a factory reset on my Roku? I really miss the ID Channel.

mlb - san rafael, California

I want to be able to control whether or not to update roku firmware. Too many problems. RT channel no longer works; PBS crashes after clicking on a show (yes, PBS IS activated); DirectWiFi (DirectConnect) deliberately interferes with other wifi devices (may have to report to FCC; it’s illegal to deliberately interfere with signals).

Just mentioning a few problems…


After update 3 second black screen occurs after any navigation. Rolled back to previous version and resolved the issue. Unfortunately, update automatically ran again a few days later and problem instantly returned Now rollback only offers same version as is currently in use. ( Why won’t they just let us choose what works. They will never have one that works for everyone.

Mike - Tucson, Arizona

1st – I love my ROKU. I have 3 ROKU2XS and one ROKU3 – That said a problem has popped up:
I’ve been watching RT (the channel) for years without a hitch. Comcast supplies my internet, and they totally bailed on solving the problem, as if I don’t pay enough each month. If I had a kid they could attend college on what I pay. Back to RT: I can’t get RT on ROKUs any more. When I click on RT I get “Sorry this channel is no longer in service” I’ve removed and reloaded the channel without success. The channel is available however, I’m streaming it on computer.