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I bought a ROKU player in April of 2009 and experienced some serious problems about a year later. My experience dealing with the ROKU player and the ROKU support staff irritated me so much I decided to build a website that would allow everyone out there with a similar experience to express their views.

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I have a roku 3.I have been having problems with the youtube app.If I reboot my roku it loses all the youtube settings and I have to reactivate the youtube app.Any thoughts or suggestions on how to fix this?    respond to this post   (1 response - view)

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I'm unable to complete setup of my roku 2. I now have two roku 2. Setup stops on step 4 of 5 (little circles denoting yout progress). I'm using the same account as my first roku. I've tried multple times without luck. Can anyone help me with this?    respond to this post   (1 response - view)

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As long as I have a viable Wi-Fi connection, can I install the stick in my RV TV and watch while traveling?    respond to this post

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Hobe Sound, FL
I purchased ROKU at the local Walmart to save on my Comcast bill. Got it home, hooked it up per directions and loved it, for the first 2 days....now I have no sound. I thought perhaps the sound went on my (Coby) tv even though it's not that old and used very little but just to make sure, I put a dvd in my player and BAM, I have sound. I also do not have sound with the antenna I purchased to get local stations. I spent about 4 hours with tech support online trying everything they suggested, including putting it in another HDMI port and going through the entire setup process again, still no sound. They have no clue other than offering to replace it. I can, and will do at Walmart if I don't find a fix here.    respond to this post

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Roku XD - the Youtube channel crashes back to the main Roku menu. It gets a minute or two, sometimes several, into a YT video then blacks out for a second - then loads the main menu. Netflix and Hulu stream for hours with no problem as well as short TV episodes. YT crashes on short or long vids. Just began one day about 6 weeks ago. I've updated, reset, factory reset, and reinstalled channel. No idea. Roku tech has no suggestions, either. Any of you smart folks know what's up?    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)

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Gary Tipton
Flag Pond, Tn.
When I try to connect to the internet it says authentication problem    respond to this post

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mel wolters
RIO RANCHO, New Mexico
Have a Roku 3 & recently have had problems with no sound on my plug in headphones. Switched back to my Roku 2 & head phones work. Any solutions out there?    respond to this post

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DHCP is an acronym for "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol" - A DHCP server assigns the IP address and domain information to your Roku. If you are operating the Roku wireless, your Wireless Modem is the DHCP server - If hard-wired, the DHCP server is contained within the router... DHCP has _nothing_ to do with the TV or HDMI cables. A DHCP drop is when the Roku loses its DHCP information.

If wireless, make sure you have a good (and secure) wireless setup, and that the Roku is receiving a strong signal from your wireless router. If DHCP continues to drop, check the Roku's location with respect to your wireless router. If that is okay, it may be time for a new wireless router/DHCP server. The Cisco/Linksys are generally well-made and inexpensive. Again, be sure it is secure, our others may be using your bandwidth.

If wired, you may need to replace the hub/switch/router device, which houses the DHCP server.    respond to this post

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I have a ROKU 1, and it is connected to a fairly new Toshiba 20' TV, i bought my ROKU in December ( December 2015 ) and have had barely any problems with it up until now. Every time i go to open Netflix it says " Retrieving " and it like freezes there. i have tried un plugging and restarting deleting the app. I HAVE EVEN CONTACTED ROKU SUPPORT! Roku Support told me that it was my internet after they had run out of pre-typed responses. i am about ready to get an apple tv, amazon fire stick.. etc. I am fed up with Roku..... BTW this problem has been a issue since March 2016.. it is not June.. HELP!!    respond to this post

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Louisville, KY
I changed my display to 4UHD TO 4UHD 10 bit just to see what it does and now i cant get a signal. How can I change it back?    respond to this post

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My Roku will not power on after being unplugged.    respond to this post

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