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I bought a ROKU player in April of 2009 and experienced some serious problems about a year later. My experience dealing with the ROKU player and the ROKU support staff irritated me so much I decided to build a website that would allow everyone out there with a similar experience to express their views.

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My roku 3 has a bunch of vertical, colorful lines across the screen when I turn the roku on. Is my roku broken? Can I fix it? If so how? I just got it and I don't want a broken roku that cost kind of a lot of money. If you know anything about this please help me.    respond to this post

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, IL
My Angry Birds Edition Roku 2 (3100AB) stopped working after midnight CDT on 5/31/15. It cycles between a black screen and the bouncing word: ROKU. It seems to be locked up. I tried unplugging my internet connection, severing my connection to Comcast, unplugging the Roku (and all plugs)...nothing works. Any ideas? Thanks    respond to this post

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I have owned a classic model N1100 Roku for several years. It always worked until a couple of months ago. I have done all the suggested fixes supplied by Roku, plus have done the factory reset and reentered all my info. The unit will not connect to the internet. It recognizes my internet access name, but when I click on the access icon, I get a spinning symbol and a message "connecting to the internet". After about a minute, I get the message "Failed to connect" and the option of "Try again". The Try Again method gets the same results. Believe a Roku update has disabled my older model. However, my Logitech Revue works great, and have never had any problems with this now discontinued item. I solved all my problems by buying a Smart TV, so I really don't need Roku or Logitech Revue.    respond to this post   (2 responses - view)

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Every Roku I've bought, including an older Roku 2, now on the 3rd Roku 3...not one of them has allowed me to DISABLE screen mirroring even though it is checked for disable, it REMAINS ENABLED. It was not even in settings menu on the Roku 2 model but still it was enabled.    respond to this post

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Roku screen mirroring will not disable even though disable is checked. Roku techs are no help at all. I've bought four Rokus and it will not disable on ANY I've bought.    respond to this post

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Just bought a roku 3. None of the tvs or dvd players in the house have an hdmi connection so we bought an hdmi to rca cable (hdmi at one end and red, yellow, and white rca at the other end). Just went through the set up process and cant get an image or sound on any of the 3 tvs. Not sure if it is a faulty cable or faulty roku or what. The rca ports that I used are all working perfectly with other devices plugged into them. Any ideas?    respond to this post

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Also contacted ROKU support, so far no answer.
Has anyone solved this problem yet?    respond to this post

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Judi Gibbs
Every 60 sec or so we get the 25% circle which seems to take forever to end. Thought I'd try to find solution and now I see that this problem is nothing compared to others. We thought ROKU was so easy to install …….since we are old and very tech stupid. Can anyone just give a simple explanation to help us with OUR problem?    respond to this post   (2 responses - view)

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Don Quinn
I bought the Roku Stick yesterday and the setup was not a snap. The instructions are not fully explained. Anyhow, I got everything going and we decided to stream a movie; and it was working fine and then about halfway thru; a buzzing noise came thru my sound bar. I quickly turned the volume down, the video was still streaming fine, the audio buzzing. I stopped the movie, then started it again, the video was fine but I had no sound, the Roku had blown my sound bar. Went to remove the Stick and it was real hot. I now have no sound bar    respond to this post

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new braunfels, tx
This is not an answer or silver bullet for all but this is my story if your service provider is AT&T.
1. Desktop (hardwired) – modem/wireless device in Den.
2. Went to http://www.speedtest.net/ to run test made note on Ping, Download Speed, and Upload Speed.
3. I stationed a laptop in the room approx. 50’ with TV and ROKU device. Opened web site www.speedtest.net ran test, made note of Ping, Download Speed, and Upload Speed.
4. Note: all TV s were in off position before test.
5. Start and make notes (Ping, Download Speed and Upload Speed) after each time you turn on an HD TV on both desktop and laptop until you have them all turned on and should be able to see your Ping, Download Speed and Upload Speed drop.
6. Leave all units on or the ones you normally have on when problem begins and now turn on Roku Netflix or whichever you are having trouble with. Once on, run test on both desktop and laptop in room with Roku device and it should drop more than the desktop closer to Modem/wireless device.
7. Roku streaming takes a lot of Mbps Bandwidth, I had 25M Max Plus and since that was the problem, went up to 30M problem fixed for now. * forgot Smart Phone was also loosing connection while on Roku/Netflix problem fixed.
8. Also Digital Life Security system used some of my Mbps Download Speed.
9. Not blaming Roku or Netflix……………make appointment with AT&T Tech to check what I indicated above, was no charge to me. Below is a way to change channels before upgrading changing profile to higher Mbps if signal is good.
If you are an AT&T U-Verse customer go to
Key Things to do Using Your Gateway
Click: wireless
Click: Network
Wireless Channel: change channel
Or Click: rescan to Check Wireless Channel Availability
Under Security insert your modem equipment login password then click save
Wireless Key Use default Wireless Network Key printed on the System Label

Use custom Wireless Network Key

If you have AT&T call for assistants to go over this part of changing channels. Good Luck
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Bought roku as present, worked great until 5-20-2015. Now it turns on but is unable to connect to Netflix, history, crackle, vevo, fox- it says there is an error. Tried all the online suggestions and nothing works. Tried to contact roku tech support but there has been no response. No reason to buy a another one. Will replace with product that works and has support.    respond to this post

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