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Michael Szafranski - Raleigh, North Carolina

After 10 months Fox News Radio Live Audio stopped working a few days ago on all of my 3 ea. Roku 3 devices. It gets hung up “Buffering”. The other menu items on Fox work fine as do all the other programs on Roku. We have 100 mbps down. I unplugged the router, modem, and the Roku’s but no help. I also removed the Fox app and then added it back. No help. I get Fox News Radio Live Audio on my Galaxy S6 just fine on the same WIFI network. Any ideas on what happened and how to fix it?


One day, my BRAND NEW Roku Express said it wasn’t connected to the internet. Naturally, I went into settings and tried reconnecting to my WiFi. It would put a check next to “Your wireless network” and ALWAYS put a big red X next to “local network”. I scoured the internet for solutions. I heard that it could help to disable network pings, did that. The only thing that worked is a factory reset (which I’ve had to do twice already) Sometimes when I go to Netflix and play something, the screen will be blank but I can hear all the audio. No picture, all audio. It is the same with YouTube. What triggered it the second time was I was arranging my cables underneath my desk, and happened to unplug my TV, ever since then it hasn’t worked. I don’t want to keep going to a factory reset. This is awful. Definitely not what I thought I paid for.

Craig - Seattle, Washington

Hi. I have a brand new Roku Ultra. It turns on, shows the Roku boot sequence, the shuts off. I have tried pressing and holding the reset button. I cannot find a manual anywhere online. “Quick setup”, but no actual user manual. Anyone know how I do a complete hard reset of the whole thing? Their support site is useless.

Larry - Omaha , Nebraska

I am so done now I sent several emails for help I am paying for hulu and others too .Every time I get on there it says loading it takes for ever to bring up the show I want . On Drama Fever it still keep on saying Loading circling for two whole months I am paying for all this we did try to fix it what the person from here tell us to do it is not working It is now doing it on You tube when I pick a show it take 15 minutes to bring it up . Can you please fix they problem on Hulu and Drama Fever that still loading since for 2 months and now You Tube is doing it too . I think you guys should pay me back for all of this problem for 3 months now. Please fixed the problem. I also change batteries and retry the wire too.

Trent - Hamilton, New Jersey

Roku 2 XS

Our Roku has been pretty good over the past two years we have had it. We primarily use it to stream Netflix and our own content using Plex, but my wife just loaded TLC Go and it keeps crashing and rebooting every 20 minutes or so. Don’t know whether it is the Roku, or TLC’s Roku app being defective. We can stream Netflix for hours and we rarely ever needed to reboot the Roku.

Michael P Lopez - Chicago, Illinois

I have given up trying to make my Ruko stick work. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to fix it. It is disappointing because previously it was functioning fine and no changes of any kind occurred for it to stop working. Overall I am disappointed and feel let down.

Brent - Columbus, Ohio

We like the high 4k quality we get when we watch HGTV, DIY, and Food network on the Roku. The issue is that after activating our Roku with each channel and watching them for hours, the next day or later the same day, it tells me to re enter the activation code again at the channels website. This is a PAIN! I have done a hard reset and it still does it. Please help!

Ted - Gold Beach, Oregon

movies freezing or buffering 2 to 3 times per movie…. That I can get around with a different system… The real problem is no Roku support so I strongly recommend not buying one and certainly do not recommend them.. They seem to last about one year and maybe a couple more months.. .. They are a throw away device with a short user life.