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I bought a ROKU player in April of 2009 and experienced some serious problems about a year later. My experience dealing with the ROKU player and the ROKU support staff irritated me so much I decided to build a website that would allow everyone out there with a similar experience to express their views.

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posted by:
Kalon Wilkins
McDonough, GA
I have an issue that my netflix app's account is all of a sudden on hold. And I need to find out why someone or something would do this to my app. It's like somebody's stealing away from or stalking the app in some unacceptable pattern. Who or what did this to my app? This is not acceptable and not right. And also not funny. I could have sued somebody for this or either an update screwed this app up for some reason. I've never heard of this issue before and why'd it just happen to me just now? On Netflix, my movie queue is gone, videos or episodes I have played are now unplayed and now I have to watch every episode again. Why did you do this Netflix? And also none of the episodes or movies play anymore like they did the last time before this happened. This is not good and I am very disappointed in this kind of thing and I hope this can be forgiven and not occur again. Very odd and random! Why would this be happening when I never touched or messed up the app? And also Hulu is forcing me to sign in now. It never used to do this everytime I use the app. It always kept login info intact or you could have signed out or deleted the app and reinstalled it and you'd have to sign in again. This mess renders both apps useless. Is there a fix for this? If there is, please fix it now! Thank you!    respond to this post

posted by:
Jack State
Hastings, MN
Just got Netflix to come up by pushing all the buttons on the controller.    respond to this post   (5 responses - view)

posted by:
vernon sandusky
I had the stupid hangup at the red Netflix screen. Tried changing from wired to wireless , no help. Then I pulled the power plug. It seems like that is the only solution that works.

This stupid roku player just periodically gets lost and the only solution is to pull the power plug. When will programmers get ever learn to create programs that don't periodically become hung up in hopeless loops. I dunno, but I would definitely not buy roku again. vern    respond to this post

posted by:
Netflix won't go past the red load screen on my Roku streaming stick.    respond to this post   (15 responses - view)

posted by:
I have had a ROKU N100 for awhile but only recently have I had this blue screen problem. Over the last few months it had been an intermittent problem that was resolvable by either unplugging its power source and plugging it back in or resetting it. However now, as soon as I change from the TV input to the HDMI input for the ROKU player, all I get is a blue screen, no menu, no nothing. When I reset it, it looks like it is restarting but then goes straight to blue screen. Is this solvable? Thanks.    respond to this post

posted by:
Roku 3 Netflix wouldn't go past the loading screen. Unplugged it, plugged it back in. It's working again after signing in.    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)

posted by:
Applications take a long time to load. Also, any operation on Roku 2 XS is very slow. Problem is being noticed only in the last few days. I have around 97 channels. Is number of channels responsible for this problem?    respond to this post

posted by:
, CA
Netflix was not working on ROKU 3 for the past few days. Tried the easiest method by unplugging the ROKU 3 box from power for a few minutes. Reapplied power, now Netflix is working again after signing back into Netflix through the 3 box.    respond to this post

posted by:
For three days now Netflix will not work on our Roku...just shows red screen. What is going on?? Works on pc & tablet.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)

posted by:
Oklahoma City, OK
I also could not get past the red loading screen for Netflix on my TV using the Roku3 (with a wired Ethernet connection). I have the TV plugged into a surge protector. I turned it off briefly thereby cutting power to the TV and the Roku3 box. When I turned the power back on and tried to load Netflix, it resumed within 10-15 seconds. I did not have to sign in again.    respond to this post

posted by:
I'm trying out a Roku 3, but it won't connect to my wi-fi (BT Hub 5). It doesn't work if I plug in ethernet either.


The problems with the Roku 3 started immediately I got it, when the remote wouldn't pair. And then when I tried the iPhone app it apparently can't see any devices on the network. So I'm just stuck on the Language selection screen and can't get past it to use the box at all. Infuriating!

- I've tried turning the password off the wi-fi in an effort to 'open' the network (sounds silly now I write that down).
- I've done all the standard Roku factory resets, etc.
- It worked like a charm when I took it to work, so it's definitely the connection here at home

Any thoughts, pointers, or even solutions!, gratefully received.

Many thanks,

Oli    respond to this post   (1 response - view)

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