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I bought a ROKU player in April of 2009 and experienced some serious problems about a year later. My experience dealing with the ROKU player and the ROKU support staff irritated me so much I decided to build a website that would allow everyone out there with a similar experience to express their views.

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i have a roku 3 and i just tried to contact the custumer sopport at 1-888-600-7658. I got someone in India and
when i requested a person in the states he first tells me they had no one and when pressed he said they had a
support in CA. and put me on hold. Then he came back and wanted more information so he could help me.
This is the first time i have had to use their customer support and if this is the case i will contact the BBB and the
attorney general in my state to find out what is going on here. Has anyone else run into this problem?    respond to this post

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We just bought a Roku stick, and we didn't even have it for a day when the tv screen started going blank -not just while watching things through Roku but while using the computer, the DVD player, regular tv, while the stick was still plugged in... There was still audio, and when we shut the tv off then on again, the picture would come back...for about a minute then go blank again. Thought it was the tv on the fritz, until we removed the Roku stick from the HDMI port... the tv works fine without it. Any ideas why this is happening? And is it worth dealing with or should we just return it?    respond to this post

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Been There Done That
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posted by:
My rouku stick won't go pass the opening screen any advise
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our roku is about 5 months old. getting sound no picture. now no pic or sound help everything is connected and up and running except this roku 2 device

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Why is my ROKU playing songs at a fast paced?    respond to this post

posted by:
Frustrated 123
hey wondering if anyone can help?. My Roku 2 is not connecting to the internet.    respond to this post

posted by:
Kalon Wilkins
McDonough, GA
Netflix just randomly locked up the roku but it didn't reboot the roku. What keeps this problem from occurring again? and why would movies lock up devices at random like this? I have never had any problems with movies occasionally freezing up a device like this. If it happens again, then a factory reset or a "home 5 times, rewind twice, fast forward twice and up button" reboot reset to fix it but you don't lose anything if you just reboot the roku's system and the other reset, the factory reset removes all saved content and allows you to add back on manually after a factory reset. But I hope the movie I just saw does not freeze up the device again or it may be replaced or never used again. But please rectify this issue Netflix or Roku and I shall never have another situation again. Thank you.    respond to this post

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Any solutions? My roku 3 was working fine but now gets error 113 on netflix and can't connect to server on hulu.
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R.N in Texas
Rec'd a Roku 3 and a Roku 1 last Christmas. The Roku 3 lasted for almost 4 months and died! Plugged in the Roku 1 and it lasted almost 1 month and it died. We only use it for a few hrs. in the morning on Pandora and a few hrs at night???? If overheating is what causes these to die, then they need a heat sink or a fan installed to keep them cool. or how about an actual off switch, so it won't be on 24/7. Fortunately Roku is working with me on this problem, hope it gets cured soon. We do like its ease of use just wish it would last longer.    respond to this post

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Ticked off Customer
not going to read 10 pages of the same thing, I just spent $100 on a piece of crap. like everyone else, it worked fine for about a month but now overheats and shuts down. I have rebooted it now 3 times and it had no sound 2 times and now wont even come back on... why did you have to go so freaking cheap roku, this will be the death of you as people flee your cheap ass uselss crap that cost way too much anyways.. you was on to something great, but like so many failed corporations... you got cheap and put out a sub par product that does not even work.    respond to this post

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