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What color is this bird? ROKU Problems

Pat - cumming, Georgia

Cannot play Crackle channel on Roku 2. The show plays for a bit then error message pops up saying there is an error and cannot continue playing. What? I am trying to watch Comedians in Cars. Sometimes the sound cuts out. Happens all times of the day or night.
However, the stupid Acura TV commercials play fine…loud and clear. Use to be able to play Crackle problem free. Jeeze.

Greg - Holland, Michigan

Youtube channel started acting up yesterday on my TCL Roku Tv. Tried removing and then adding the channel back but I couldn’t and now continually get an “insufficient storage” error code. I tried rebooting my tv, router and doing a system update all to no avail. My Roku app on my phone shows the YouTube channel still being installed which it is not. Tried removing and adding it back from the app also with no success. I also removed a number of channels in an attempt to add back the YouTube channel which didn’t work either. I can install other channels with no problem. The issue seems limited to the YouTube channel. Anyone else experiencing this and does anyone know of a solution?

Mary - Thornton, Colorado

Since yesterday, February 21, 2017, my YouTube app has not been working well. It opens but instead of being taken to the “home” page with the thumbnails of videos it stays on the YouTube loading screen. I can get to the thumbnails page by pressing the directional button but upon selecting and playing a video the screen is black with sound only. Upon pressing the directional button again the video does show up but with the time bar and other video thumbnails at the bottom. Pressing the directional button sometimes does but doesn’t always work to get rid of the time bar and other video thumbnails. All other streaming apps I use on roku (Sling, Amazon, Netflix) work just fine.

Neil A - Las Vegas, Nevada

NBC Live Extra and WatchESPN are not streaming anything. Other apps like Fox Sports Live, BTN, FX Now and other apps that live stream have no issues, but those two, my most used, do not work. They work on my computer, my iPhone and my Samsung Tablet, just not my Roku TV.

Amanda - Columbia City, Indiana

Bought WWE channel for my uncle. It works with other media (computer and cell phone) but is not working on the Roku device. I logged the account information into the channel but if I select a episode or anything, it asked for another account. I am a subscriber to WWE. So I tried troubleshooting; deleted the account, rebooted the roku, deleted and redownloaded the channel, and reactivated the account. Still having the same issues.

Jay - Palestine, Texas

Youtube app just became buggy as all get out. Roku2, supposedly with Roku 3 processor in it. I have 2 of these units. Youtube is my most used app. Screens hanging on load. You have to press a button on the remote to get picture to appear. Videos appear to be stuck loading, but pressing up arrow or something will make video play. Does it on both my units. Roku support said to uninstall and re-install youtube app. So far this has not fixed the issue. Annoyance factor at level 8.