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After many years of horrible performance from ROKU (or ROFU as we call them), we decided that it was time for the public to have a forum. There is a lot of negative commentary about ROKU problems on the Internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated on one website.

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What color is this bird? ROKU Problems

Unhappy Customer - San antonio, Texas

YouTube has always been a problem in Roku. Always excruciatingly slow response when trying to maneuver around. Most of the time it’s so slow that when I click an operation too many times, this eco effect of it trying to do everything I keyed in happens.
For the most part, as long as I don’t touch anything after starting a video, I should be fine.
One issue isn’t as forgiving. YouTube will crash Roku and Roku has to reboot. And this happenway way too often. I don’t understand why this isn’t a red flag to YouTube or Roku. But it’s not getting fixed. Because of this I would like to warn people that Roku is useless with YouTube.


my ROKU EXPRESS STICK was working a few days ago, but now it won’t connect to the network. when I try to connect to my network, I get “Wireless- connected” & “Network- not connected”. What do I need to do? My Laptop computer is connected OK so I know the WiFi is working.

William - Apopka, Florida

While watching Sling or Netflix(YouTube also), it freezes, the screen goes black, the it goes to the Roku loading screen, and then the menu screen. When you call support, it’s some guy from another country I can barley understand, and the only thing they can tell you, are the obvious thing you’ve already tried a dozen times!

I have one - Westerville, Ohio

I have an XS. Everything was fine with YouTube, and suddenly I’m having problems with videos playing for a minute or so, then it resets and goes back to the home page. Occasionally it will play a video all the way through, but it’s happening more and more frequently.

You can’t get through to Roku to report problems or ask questions. You get some foreigner who asks you for your password!

Man up Roku and get a legit customer service department!!