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I bought a ROKU player in April of 2009 and experienced some serious problems about a year later. My experience dealing with the ROKU player and the ROKU support staff irritated me so much I decided to build a website that would allow everyone out there with a similar experience to express their views.

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New York
I have Roku streaming stivk. Latrly, I play it and get message that it's not connected to wifi. Then show will play for a minute and stops to "loading".
I turn it off, unplug it and start again. Very fustrating.    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)

posted by:
New York
I have Roku streaming stivk. Latrly, I play it and get message that it's not connected to wifi. Then show will play for a minute and stops to "loading".
I turn it off, unplug it and start again. Very fustrating.    respond to this post

posted by:
Victor Tulli Sr
Charlestown, MA
My Roku is stuck in the screensaver. Reboot doesn't work -- it comes back up in screensaver, not the reboot screen.
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posted by:
Terry L. Hopkins
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
All channels continuously stop mid program to buffer.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)

posted by:
Jack J Moulthrop
Wellsville, KANSAS
My Facebook app. on Roku will not show any news feeds, friends photos, etc. Any idea how to fix?    respond to this post   (1 response - view)

posted by:
Michael J Krysak
Round Rock, Texas
I now have a Roku 2 (4210 chip) that replaced my Roku 2 XS. The audio consistently hiccups. Just recently had ATT Gigapower installed, so I slowed down input to 3.5 mb/sec thinking that might fix the audio issue. NOT ! It's not an HDMI problem, as some have suggested. I switch to a non-HDMI source before going to Roku. Issue persists. The Roku 2 (4210 chip) I now have replplaced my first Roku 2 (4210 chip) which was so bad, audio halted for 1-2 secs out of every 8-10 secs had to send back. The newer is better but barely acceptable. You have a software issue here, period. It should be addressed in your next software update. Way too many people are frustrated with this audio issue.    respond to this post

posted by:
Barbara Ginger
North Syracuse, New York
I have a Roku1 that worked great until I traveled to Florida and tried to use it in the home we rent. I can be in Netflix or PBS and the program stops and reloads many times. Any ideas why? I have reset internet and Roku and I am on a HDMI television. What a pain.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)

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Roku 3 has been rebooting and not bringing up home screen since update plugged old roku2 xs and it worked fine until it tried to update from software update 55** updating to 70*** now neither unit will get to home screen. Unit roku2 does set up each time reentering WIFI connection (it remembers the password) then commences to reload update of software downloads it reboots and starts all over again with beginning install language wifi connection download reboot
Positive this is software /firmware issue now have 2 worthless items Support from Roku is virtually nonexistent.
Tried unlinking both devices as recommended by others did not help    respond to this post   (2 responses - view)

posted by:
Roku 2 (new version 2015): Youtube commercials without "Skip Ad" freeze at 0:01 seconds. Controls become locked and requires use of Home button on remote to quit Youtube and return to Roku home page.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)

posted by:
I keep getting this message: HDCP unauthorized content disabled. What to do?    respond to this post

posted by:
Most of the latest issues are related to a buggy or corrupted update or inability to access the Home system properly on bootup. The following should fix the issues below:

Black/Gray Screen
That damn dancing Roku that times out
I moved it and it acts goofy
Netflix doesn't work properly or throws errors

I have 3 Roku 3's and have had all issues above. What I did below resolved all the issues above on all Roku's, except the last, which has an additional step.

1) Turn off the Roku. Get the MAC address from the bottom label.
2) Give the Roku a static (internal, not public) IP address on your router. All routers have this option.
This maps the MAC address of that Roku to a specific internal IP ( forever.
3) Then restart the router
4) Reset the Roku
5) Re-pair the remote right when that shit starts to dance.

Sounds unrelated, but after that, I had no more issues with 2 Rokus.

The 3rd Roku, as I later found out has a bad IR signal. The Roku remote could see it. Other IR (Universal) remotes could not. This in itself, could be the start of other Roku issues that do seem unrelated. Time to return. I did not, but will today. To get this one to work:

2) I had to use the ethernet connection, rather than wireless. Plug it into the router or your switch.
3) Follow steps 1-5
4) Run Roku updates while connected to the ethernet cable (not wireless) and your TV. May need a long ethernet cable for this.

I believe the wireless updates on this Roku were corrupted. If you have a PS3 (I do), then you know you must never use wireless to perform system updates, as it may brick your machine (like my first), right? Maybe the Roku is the same way. Unfortunately, those fuckers don't give you the option to disable automatic updates and updates run EACH TIME you boot the machine, then again on a daily schedule I have yet to figure out.
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