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After many years of horrible performance from ROKU (or ROFU as we call them), we decided that it was time for the public to have a forum. There is a lot of negative commentary about ROKU problems on the Internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated on one website.

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What color is this bird? ROKU Problems

Ron - Metairie, Louisiana

I am having the same issues with YouTube app on Roku as most that post here. I also have some problems with Netflix loading slow. However the programs on Netflix works fine once playing. My Internet connection is good. When I have an excellent connection I have no problem with YouTube. I do believe the problem is with YouTube app and Netflix app on the Roku device. Both of these apps I believe are using to much bandwidth and Roku device is not as efficient as a computer. I am going to focus my complaints towards YouTube and Netflix as these are paid services. Roku is cheap compared to a computer, so I can not expect the Roku device to work as well as a computer launching YouTube. However if YouTube and Netflix will reframe from putting all their bloat codes in their apps (I suspect to spy on our viewing habits) we all could be happy again. However I fear that they will never do this as long as we keep blaming Roku. If there are no customers complaining to YouTube and Netflix, the matter has no consequence for them.

Mavis - Hokah, , Minnesota

Discovery Go app continually kicks out during the ad stream, and kicks back to home page. I’ve tried uninstalling, and reinstalling several times. Checked for system updates. Tablet app works fine on internet connection. Its the Roku version. Please fix!

S. Ovetmon - Tulsa, Oklahoma

I have the same issue everyone is having on all roku players – it keeps reverting to main home screen. There are over a hundred posts of this issue all over the net but there are no permanent solutions. And no real way to contact rok u to find out if they are going to fix the problem. Meanwhile everyone who is paying for Netflix Sling Hulu and so on are losing money because they can not watch what they are paying for. If this is not fixed soon it should put roku out of business!

Steve - Danielsville, Georgia

Youtube and Netflix channels not working on my Roku HD and Roku 2 HD. Netflix constantly says “checking connection” and only a handful of lists load and Youtube has reverted back to the old style loading screen. Don’t anyone say “check your router” it’s not the internet.


Trying to watch the ABC and FoxNow apps,on Roku and it stops playing about 15 mins into the shows saying I met is having issues….the problem that I have is that if I watch Netflix it plays perfectly….no issues at all. Help!