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Dennis - Cottonwood, Arizona

Last 3 or 4 days my Netflix will play for 20 or 30 minutes and then reset to the Roku home screen. I’m using the Roku express +. None of the other channels are experiencing the same problems. Have done all the usual attempts to fix: unplug and plug back, reset the roku to factory setting and started over, deleted Netflix alone and reinstalled, nothing works.

Ken - Parkton, Maryland

Just signed on with Comcast, so ditched my modem and router for their two band router. Now neither of my Rokus will connect. Don’t tell me about going to the menu, because nothing is accessible through the Rokus themselves. All I get is “Searching for connection – but can’t find any.” Can’t get beyond the message to change anything in the Roku settings. Totally frustrating!

Noel Sullivan - Dallas, Texas

While watching Netflix I will be in the middle of watching a show and then BAM it goes back to the home screen of Roku. This happens it seems like every 30 minutes. It’s very frustrating having to reset the roku stick to be able to continue watching Netflix but then again that only lasts 30 minutes or so before being sent back to Roku Stick home screen.

B - Phoenix, Arizona

I like to watch old episodes of Friends when winding down for bed. I normally watch Netflix on my Xbox one in the living room but have a Roku in the bedroom. 2 minutes,20 min, 45 min. It doesn’t seem to follow a pattern but it randomly crashes back to the home screen on the Roku only. It is a smart TV so I’m going to have to switch to that for Netflix in the bedroom I guess.


Since the update of 11 July 2017, my Roku 3 player has trouble with Netflix. When in browse, it switches constantly to “detecting”, so I can’t browse for programs to watch. When watching a program the picture freezes but the sound continues. I have to advance the picture forward, play, then reposition back to catch everything that has happened.

Bitwave - Columbia , New Hampshire

Apparently its not just roku having the issue checked and many devices (xbox,phones,tvs and others) have had similar troubles recently. I suspect that Netflix is at the root of the problems. Unfortunately it easily becomes a blame game that I wont be part of if it its not resolved soon.

Bitwave - Columbia , New Hampshire

Roku 3600X-Roku Stick, Software V. 7.7.0-(build 4091-24) set to 1080p. Netflix recently starting crashing every 20-30 minutes bouncing back to the home screen recently. This started in the past week prior I had no issues with Netflix. I recall while adding channels the firmware was updated about the time all this had started happening. I’ve tested the network, reset network connection, reset roku and channels to no avail. No other channels seem to have this issue, Amazon et al work fine even when Netflix is misbehaving. Again this recently started in the past few days however the trouble did not follow the other channels only Netflix seems to have the issue at this time.

Garry - Columbus, Ohio

My Roku Premiere has the nasty habit of the volume level suddenly, inexplicably, getting very loud while I’m watching something. This is so annoying — I need to have the TV’s remote control nearby so I can turn down the volume when this happens, and then turn it back up when the when the volume level returns to normal. On a Roku tech’s instruction, I switched the ends of the HDMI cable — this didn’t help — as well as switching HDMI ports — this didn’t help either. Has anyone else had this problem?

Barbara - Cary, Illinois

I have a Roku Ultra since December and worked good for while then started get the purple screen error then we would have to reset and sometimes it comes back with a double screen and have to restart again this is at least 2-3 times a week even after changing out the cable. We bought a second one Roku Premiere+ for another TV and haven’t had a week yet and get the purple screen reset then it froze and no apps would open so this morning we hooked our apple tv back, so far I either just happen to get 2 bad ones and these are cheap to have to change out.

R. Nardi - Humble, Texas

Netflix video freezing with audio continuing. At ends of episodes and before credits the screen goes black saying no signal for about 10 seconds then the next episode starts. Then about 10 or 15 seconds into next episode video freezes again and audio continues. We have to go back or ahead a few frames to get it to play normally again, sometimes several times. We have a Roku 3 with a shut off power cord to keep it from over heating