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What color is this bird? ROKU Problems

Mr. Foxx - St. Louis, Missouri

I upgraded from the stick to the premier +
Now whenever I try to watch MLB it will play for 3 minutes then it freezes and shakes until it shuts Dien the Roku and automatically reverts back to the standard TV channel. I can restart the Roku abs reload MLB but it will happen every time. This did not happen with the stick. I can watch MLB on my iPad but not the tv/Roku. What’s up? I paid for what I thought was an upgrade in Roku products.

Roger Atwell - Cleveland Hgts., Ohio

Is it possible to run ROKU Express Plus through an A/V receiver to a TV? I assumed I could plug ROKU composite signal into the receiver via old VCR inputs. I get nothing. The ROKU Express Plus is working – I’ve tried it on another old set with direct composite inputs. Is the signal too weak out of the ROKU. Would some kind of pre-amp make it usable through my A/V receiver?

Dennis Teel - Seagoville, Texas

I hope I haven’t typed this crashed earlier..Roku 4 was updating yesterday when it was updating,it restarted ,but gets no further than the word Roku and the theme music.the same routine every few minutes..i tried unplugging unit ,plugging back in,leaving off for hours then plugging in,changing batteries in remote,pushing reset button both long and short pushes and changing hdmi cable..nothing resolved just repeats the theme music ,showing the word “Roku” difference..while the word Roku normally drops down and on screen and music begins,it doesn’t restart that way now..the word just appears on screen with the theme it possible there was a partial or interrupted update? i’m at wits end.

Avalanche - Atlanta, Georgia

I use my Roku 3 to play videos off an external hard drive. (Mostly YouTube documentaries I’ve downloaded and converted: they play FINE!) Randomly, in some videos, the playback will freeze, and then the Roku reboots. (Thankfully, the REMEMBERS where I was in the video, so I can use “resume” after it finishes rebooting, goers back tot he home screen, I have to go to the ext. HD, find the directory, then the file I was watching and THEN continue where it froze.)

I searched for some way to schedule the update (I’m guessing that what it is?) for when I am NOT watching a video! No such luck.